By: Kyle James | 04-19-2018 | News
Photo credit: Hanford Police Department

Immigrant Couple Fatally Tortured, Burned Vietnam Veteran For His Financial Information

A terrible and heinous act of violence was perpetrated by an immigrant couple in Hanford, California against a 70-year-old Vietnam War veteran. The couple violently tortured veteran Kenneth Coyle for his financial information before killing him and burning his body in front of their children.

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Coyle was a retired contractor for Naval Air Station Lemoore who first met Stacie Mendoza at a restaurant in Hanford where she worked as a waitress. Coyle and Mendoza became friends but little did Coyle know her motivation for the friendship was to gain access to his financial information. Hanford Police Captain Karl Anderson said, "We think she manipulated that relationship to gain his trust and defraud him of money. As this relationship grew, we know that Ms. Mendoza started getting access to his bank account information and started getting money from him." It was on April 5 that Mendoza and her husband Jose went to Coyle's home and tortured him for his money.

"They restrained him on a bed and beat him to get access to his bank account information, passwords, and other account information," Anderson said. After he was tortured, Coyle died of "blunt force trauma and suffocation." A few days after his death, the Mendozas drove Coyle's body to nearby Madera County and burned him in front of their children. "We know the children were taken to where the body was burned and watched the body burn," Anderson said.

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Torturing and killing Coyle wasn't enough for the Mendoza's. They returned to his home to steal anything that wasn't bolted down but they were spotted by property management employees. The couple told the employees that Coyle was injured and recovering in a care home but they weren't buying it. The employees reported the suspicious story to the police who tracked Coyle's cell phone to the Mendoza's home.

Police arrested the Mendoza family at a Denny's near Los Angeles International Airport. Jose Mendoza had Coyle's credit card and a plane ticket back to his home country El Salvador when he was arrested. The couple is being held without bail and their children have been placed in the custody of Child Protective Services.

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11 Comment/s
Mieszko No. 23479 2018-04-19 : 04:57

But what about their children? They won't be deported, right?

Surely they'll group to be vibrant, brilliant people, doctors and engineers and whatnot.

Doug Stamper No. 23480 2018-04-19 : 05:25

burned as such they did

Anonymous No. 23497 2018-04-19 : 10:55

Note: This is why I could support a Death Penalty in Kind Law.

Where the execution matches the method of the Murder.

Question Were they Dreamers/ILLEGALS and is LA a Sanctuary city?

Will LA turn them over to ICE or slip them out the back door?

Chet No. 23521 2018-04-19 : 15:43

Death Penalty Now for these scumbags!!!!

Hideousness of sanctuary cities and No. 23526 2018-04-19 : 17:50

The children should be sent to El Salvador and turned over to what ever they have that compares to our child protective services.

Floyd No. 23529 2018-04-19 : 18:09

California hey? They'll probably give them a medal since these people get preferential treatment.

Anon No. 23531 2018-04-19 : 18:15

Hang both of them.

Anonymous No. 23532 2018-04-19 : 18:35


Anne Michels No. 23534 2018-04-19 : 20:40

What does Jerry Brown think of this? They deserve exactly what theygave! Torture ! Will Jerry bail them out? Jerry these people are not dangerous are they? You have blood on your hands Jerry & I'm sure you know what KARMA is right Jerry?

Jeanette Reynolds No. 23605 2018-04-20 : 14:29

My question is: Why is it that this murderous couple’s children have been turned over to American child social services? They are an entire family of illegal, thieving, law-breaking immigrants and we have no obligation to pay for their care.

Oldsaltdoc No. 23627 2018-04-20 : 20:08

First: burn them at the stake

Second:give their cremains to their kids with a one way ticket to El Salvador.

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