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​​Illegal Alien Charged with Attempted Murder via Nail Gun in Oregon Rampage

An illegal alien in Oregon has been arrested for attempted murder after going on a rampage with a high-powered nail gun shooting a co-worker multiple times outside Portland.

The disturbing story begins after 24-year-old previously deported illegal alien, Jesus Ascencio Molina, attacked 24-year-old Andres C. Marcelo with a nail gun at a job site in Happy Valley, Oregon.

According to Police, Jesus Ascencio Molina has been previously deported after engaging in prior criminal activity in 2012, underscoring the fact that these criminals have no desire to peacefully assimilate into our country.

From the moment Jesus Ascensio Molina entered the United States of America illegally he was a criminal, and he continued to engage in criminal behavior while he was here, even being removed once, returning again illegally, only to get again endanger the lives of other Americans.

This scenario is far too common.

After the violent attack on Andres C. Marcelo, who was shot numerous times by Jesus Ascensio Molina, emergency medical responders had to Life Flight the victim by helicopter to receive emergency surgery in order to save his life.

The next day, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office arrested Molina on attempted murder charges.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency announced their frustration in the fact that they've previously deported Jesus Ascensio Molina, and he's returned to once again cause violence and widespread panic in his community.

“Ascencio-Molina was previously detained by ICE on immigration violations in 2012 after ICE officers encountered him at the Multnomah County Detention Center after his arrest on local criminal charges,” agency spokeswoman Carissa Cutrell said to<a href=""> The Daily Caller</a>. “An immigration judge subsequently granted Ascencio Molina voluntary departure to Mexico, and ICE returned him to his home country in 2013.”

ICE has already issued a new detainer for Molina as a result of this most recent arrest, where he will be deported yet again after serving time if convicted for the attempted murder charge.

This comes amidst a growing battle amongst the supporters of President Trump and the establishment politicians of the GOP who continue to refuse to fund the building of President Trump's proposed border wall, only needing $25 billion to protect the lives of nearly 350 million Americans.

Researchers in Oregon have discovered that the vast majority of federal criminal illegal aliens currently incarcerated inside the Oregon Prison system are behind bars for numerous violent crimes including rape, robbery, attempted murder, and homicide; only showcasing further the need for a border wall to protect the lives of Americans from the oftentimes violent illegal aliens.

Molina is a Mexican National, who will now face trial in America at the expense of the taxpayer, and likely be incarcerated at their expense as well.

The federal criminal illegal alien, Molina, is currently being detained in the Clackamas County Jail on the charges of both assault and attempted murder, according to a county inmate database. His bail is set at $500,000 cash, although even if paid he would be picked up via ICE immediately.

<b>Build the wall!</b>

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