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Top 5 Futuristic Guns That Exist Now (Video)

As technology advances, so do weapons and none more so than firearms. The last two decades have seen massive advancements in alternative projectiles such as laser guns and railguns. Here is a look at the top 5 coolest futuristic weapons that actually exist.

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1. TrackingPoint .338 ShadowTrax8

Gone are the days when snipers needed a spotter to help them with the advanced calculations required to make an accurate shot from distances up to a mile away. The TrackingPoint .338 ShadowTrax8 is loaded with state-of-the-art precision-guided technology that calculates the range of a target and makes the necessary adjustments automatically. The futuristic rifle features a stainless steel Stiller action and 22" Shilen barrel. But that's not all. This slick death machine has an optic that tracks targets, an onboard weather station, and an integrated laser rangefinder that automatically updates the ballistics data up with a locking range of 1400 yards.

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2. The CornerShot

This aptly-named gun features a folding mechanism and a camera-mounted barrel for, you guessed it, firing around corners. The CornerShot guns were invented by Lt. Col. Amos Golan of the Israeli Defense Force with urban combat in mind. Golan created the gun with the help of American investors and initially designed it for SWAT teams and special forces. The advanced weapon technology offers users the ability to see around corners and fire on targets from relative safety. The CornerShot is capable of firing as a semi-automatic or a grenade launcher.

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3. Railgun

This isn't a handheld firearm but boy does the Railgun pack a punch. This new-age weapon uses electricity instead of chemical propellants to fire a long-range project at speeds of 4,500 mph. The electromagnetic railgun uses magnetic fields created by high electrical currents to accelerate a sliding metal conductor, or armature, between two rails. This weapon was designed for military use and you can watch the Office of Naval Research and Naval Surface Warfare Center fire the first shot in November 2016.

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4. AN/SEQ-3 Laser Weapon System (LaWS)

Science fiction has now become reality with the AN/SEQ-3 Laser Weapon System or LaWS. This weapon uses a high-powered laser to decimate its targets. The LaWS is a directed-energy weapon being developed by the U.S. Navy that uses an infrared beam from a solid-state laser array which can be adjusted to high output to destroy the target, or low output to warn or cripple. This video features the LaWS Operational demonstration aboard the USS Ponce to destroy targets mounted aboard a speeding boat, a UAV in the sky, and other moving targets at sea.

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5. XM25 CDTE

Last, but not least, the XM25 CDTE is a grenade launcher packed into a handheld platform that is capable of raining grenades onto enemies with extreme precision. The CDTE grenade launcher spirals 25mm grenades through the air like a football and stands for Counter Defilade Target Engagement. The fancy name describes this weapon's unique ability to track and set grenades to detonate at the exact right moment, even in midair. If an enemy is on the other side of a wall, this beast can be programmed to detonate its grenades right above enemy's heads putting no target out of reach. The CDTE quickly gained a reputation for its deadly ability and became known as the Punisher and Individual Semiautomatic Air Burst System. This futuristic weapon first saw use by U.S. soldiers in the War in Afghanistan in 2010.

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