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Turkmenistan – 50 Years On, The ‘Door To Hell’ Is Still Burning

Back in 1971, Turkmenistan was a part of the Soviet empire. In its continuous search for cheap fuel, Soviet engineers thought they had struck gold in the desert of Derweze, in the Ahal province, with the find of an enormous gas field with various pockets. The group of Soviet soldiers and engineers anxiously started drilling and soon enough, caused a small earthquake and a large hole which sunk all their drilling equipment into it.

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As it was 1971 and it was the desert, the Soviet engineers probably thought they could hide their mistake by simple setting the place on fire, convinced that according to their calculations, the gas reserves in the crater would burn out in about two weeks or so.

Almost 50 years later, the Davarza gas crater is still burning, luring some 50,000 international tourists to the site which has now become the number one trekking spot in the country.

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Given that Turkmenistan still has the fourth largest natural gas reserves on Earth, the government makes no effort to put out the fire as doing so would mean having to stop every crack and fissure. In other words, an investment with high risk, low reward.

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Back in 2004, the Turkmenistan government ordered the nearby village of Darvaza to be bulldozed, citing that “it was an unpleasant sight for tourists”, which hinted that they were well aware then already that this site has potential for the future, and that there was absolutely no intention of ever putting out the fire.


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Darvaza Gas Crater

in 360° on Google maps

…and LITERALLY nobody gives a fuck…

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