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France - Macron Introduces Tough New Immigration Law

To the surprise of many who thought he had run on a centrist platform, French President Emmanuel Macron took a sharp right turn when his latest bill passed in the Assemblée Nationale (the French parliament) adopting a very tough set of new immigration measures for anyone wishing to become a French citizen whilst tightening the rules around asylum.

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With the new legislation, President Macron has shortened asylum application deadlines, (making sure that they can send back anyone who does not adhere to the rules), doubled the time for which illegal migrants can be detained and, importantly, introduces a one-year prison sentence for entering France illegally (which should scare many of those passing via the Mediterranean and into Marseille or those coming in over the Spanish border).

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The new rules make France one of the strictest countries in Western Europe to ask for asylum.

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President Emmanuel Macron's governing centrist party was divided over the bill itself as some claimed the measures were simply too tough.

A member of Mr Macron’s own party, Mr Jean-Michel Clément, voted against: “I am not sure we're sending to world citizens the universal message that has always been ours."

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Upon voting, the bill passed by 228 votes to 139. Macron’s party has an absolute majority in the parliament.

Human Rights Watch criticized the move, claiming that it would hurt the "most vulnerable asylum seekers, who would be the ones most likely to miss the deadline".

"Under the guise of providing a more effective asylum system, the bill includes a series of measures that would diminish access to protection."


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