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"Illuminati Is Real," Waffle House Shooter Sparks Mind Control Theories

2016, complains to law enforcement in Illinois that Taylor Swift is stalking him. July, 2017, he was arrested and released for being in a prohibited area near the White House. In August, after federal investigation, they took away his right to own guns in Illinois. One of the guns in question was apparently the AR-15 Travis Reinking used in the fatal shooting at a Waffle House in Antioch, a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee.

2018… the Waffle House incident. Exactly what is going on in the mind of Travis Reinking? The young man who is the suspect in the naked Waffle House shooting incident that has left four dead is obviously disturbed, but you don't have to wade far into the tinfoil territories online to find suspicion that Reinking could have been a Manchurian candidate.

Of course, this is a common complaint regarding many mass shooters as of late. For instance, Paddock, the Las Vegas shooting suspect was considered a possible MK-Ultra victim and those who believe in predictive programming might put something to the fact that as the massacre occurred, the final episode of Rick and Morty's season 4 (Rickchurian Mortydate) in which Rick is tired of working for the president and a bloodbath ensues.

Like Nikolas Cruz, he had been previously <a href="">investigated by the FBI</a> (who were evidently too busy talking to porn stars to care about future mass shooters). After being investigated (and cleared) by the FBI his guns were confiscated and remanded to his father who admits he gave them back to his son. This is after accusing his family of being involved in Taylor Swift's attempts to hack his phone. Much like Cruz again, there were multiple run-ins that paint a picture of an obviously disturbed individual. Another report from Illinois has Reinking jumping into a community pool wearing a woman's pink overcoat and his underwear. Investigators at the scene had reason to believe he had an AR-15 in his trunk at the time. No charges were filed at this time.

Perhaps another reasons the "mind control" claims are in full force have to do with the fact that the suspect is being painted as a "far right extremist conspiracy theorist." He evidently subscribed to the "Sovereign Citizen" theory that holds that citizens are "incorporated" and bound as wage slaves via their social security numbers. It doesn't hurt that his very last Facebook post was "The Illuminati is real" either.

Chances are, this event will be used as fodder to fuel the idea that doubting the mainstream is literally dangerous to society.

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Anonymous No. 23897 2018-04-23 : 10:59

Well, the Illuminati IS real. Who do you think set the cell phone towers in Reinking's region to "mass shooter mode?"

Anonymous No. 23915 2018-04-23 : 16:28

And I don't know, did the Judge and FBI bother to revoke his goddamn weapon privileges? he was clearly a nutter.

Phil No. 23916 2018-04-23 : 16:32

>>23915, they had the guns given to his dad and told his dad not to let him have them. His dad has admitted he freely offered them back to his son though. His family ALSO knew that he implicated them in a plot to assist Taylor Swift at stalking him and attempting to hack his phone.

I'm afraid cases like this, Nik Cruz and the YouTube shooter are trying to set a precedent where people who have mentally ill family members won't be allowed to have guns. Also a good reason to crack down on "dangerous crackpot conspiracy theories."

Anonymous No. 23924 2018-04-23 : 17:50

We have laws currently on the books that should have his father held fully responsible for the deaths and injuries his son caused. The shooter had his FOID card revoked and because of that he was not allowed to possess firearms in IL. The father might have a way out if he drove the guns down to TN and returned them there, but either way dad knew his son was looney tunes and should have had the firearms destroyed or sold.

Again this was an avoidable incident if only the warning signs were acted upon! A true sign of bad parenting and reinforced by the fact he returned firearms to a kid that tried to gain access to the POTUS had both the SS and FBI interview him multiple times, had his FOID card revoked, and thought he was being stalked by Taylor Swift. Then the retard removed all doubt to his sanity by shooting up a waffle house half naked. OH yea then removed the last piece of clothing after loosing his rifle and ran off into the woods. Another oddity is how the hell 2 choppers with thermal cameras and over 80 law enforcement officers still cannot find this dandy running around 1/2 naked again?? I think they will probably find him dead with a couple self inflicted gunshot wounds to the back of his head. That way its easier to construct ((their)) story in a way that fits ((their)) anti 2nd agenda.

very good No. 23977 2018-04-24 : 02:04

scary thoughts, your right by god, we better keep truth to ourselves, we see what there doin, anyone who questions, our , world, is dangerous nut bag, , scary.

Joe No. 24010 2018-04-24 : 05:04

The kid was nuts but the fbi now has dropped the ball 2times in a row! We may not need ro worry about guns and nuts and get rid of the fbi! Theyre getting paid to much to keep costing people their lives because their incompetent!

Whoa No. 93914 2019-03-10 : 00:29

A rein is something used to control a horse and king is the Illuminati so his name adds up to mind controls rein king a rein and king is the one steering the horse

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