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Pennsylvania Democratic Politician Arrested for Solicitation of Prostitution

Another Democrat has now been incarcerated - according to authorities in Pennsylvania - after Mayor Eric Bower of Bloomsburg was caught having sexual relations with a confidential informant - a prostitute - on numerous occasions.

The 36-year-old Mayor of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania has an apparent history of sexual relationships with the prostitute, as reported by<a href=""> The Times-News Online</a>.

Pennsylvania State Police argue that Eric Bower has paid for sexual encounters with the woman on repeat occasions, although Bower has since argued that <i>she was a friend, not a stranger</i>, despite her history as both a criminal prostitute and a confidential informant for law enforcement in the destitute underworld of Pennsylvania.

Court documents suggest that Bower and the unidentified prostitute has engaged in numerous chats via text messages where police were monitoring the conversation, and that Bower had planned to meet her on Friday night at the Hampton Inn near the Light street interchange off Interstate 80 in Scott Township, after a mutual agreement for Eric Bower to pay $200 for sex with the prostitute.

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To Bloomsburg Mayor Eric Bower’s shock, when he arrived at the location he would be be greeted by law enforcement after knocking on the door expecting to have his deviant fantasies fulfilled.

Police say that not only did Bower have the $200 in cash on him, but was carrying with him a box of condoms, but was also in the possession of either vaginally or anal lubricant.

After his arrest, the Bloomsburg Democrat was transported to the Columbia County Prison, only to be later released on bond.

Bower argues now that “he may have been set up, either for personal or political reasons,” and as Democrats typically do when charged with crimes refused to acknowledge his own criminal behavior and instead tried to blame others for his actions.

The Mayor also said that he'd like to thank his family and friends for their support during this embarrassing situation. Unfortunately for Mayor Bower, this is a criminal charge against him, and he isn't receiving an award to give a thank you speech.

This is just the latest one of several criminal cases against Democratic politicians in the last year.

Bower won last year's election as the Democratic candidate for Bloomsburg Mayor against Republican Carey Howell, 707 to 450 votes on a campaign or family values and respect for law enforcement.

He's faced numerous challenges with media headlines during his tenure as Bloomsburg Mayor, including a highly publicized and oftentimes dramatic relationship with an ex-girlfriend, to which at one point Mayor Bower had even obtained a protection order against the woman.

His personal life continues to be a headline, underscored again by the recent arrest.

Bower is now scheduled to appear in court in front of Bloomsburg District Judge Russell Lawton on May 2nd, 2018 at 9AM.

It remains unclear as to whether the female in the case will choose to testify against the Pennsylvania Democrat, but Bower has hired a personal defense attorney Patrick O’Connell, who says his client is going to fight the case against the commonwealth, surprisingly, despite arguing that the the incident itself was embarrassing.

“Very embarrassing incident. All I can say is that my lawyer and I are going to fight these charges,” Bower said. “This woman was not random. She’s someone that I had an ongoing relationship of some kind with,” he said. “I believe this was just a setup because of my political position and nature, and if it was anyone else, it probably would not be occurring.”

At the beginning of April, Texas<a href=""> Democrat Mark Benavides </a>was found guilty on six counts of continuous trafficking of persons.

Also in April, New York<a href=""> Democrat John Strough </a>and his wife Christianne Strough were arrested for election fraud.

In February, Texas<a href=""> Democrat State District Judge Rodolfo "Rudy" Delgado </a>was arrested for a widespread criminal network of racketeering.

In January, Florida<a href=""> Democrat Joy Cooper </a>was arrested for money laundering.

Also in January, LGBT Hollywood filmmaker and Georgia<a href=""> Democrat Kent Igleheart</a>, who directed the award-winning homosexual film “Unconditional,” was arrested for child pornography and sex with a minor.

In October, another Pennsylvania<a href=""> Democrat Philip Ahr </a>was arrested after law enforcement say he had thousands of images and videos of child pornography, some of which depicted infant babies being raped by animals.

Democrats have a serious problem with criminal behavior and pedophilia.

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Johnny Neptune No. 23931 2018-04-23 : 18:22

"…but was also in the possession of either vaginally or anal lubricant. "

You've done it again. You idiots can't complete a god damn thing without misspelling shit or other glaring typos.

By the way, you forgot to mention that all human beings are disgusting perverts, in particular Jim Watkins, who fled to the Philippines to avoid child pornography and aggravated child molestation charges in the United States.

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