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German Music Awards Results In Holocaust Fiasco

Germany's Echo Awards are in a bit of an uproar currently. Several artists have returned their awards after two rappers who have rapped about having “bodies more defined than Auschwitz inmates” won. BMG, the company that distributes Kollegah and Farid Bang will spearhead a campaign against antisemitism as a result of this.

April 12, a speaker received standing ovation after disavowing the rappers who have reportedly praised the coming of a new Holocaust. The rappers themselves, who happen to be Muslims, feel their lyrics have been misinterpreted. The Echo Awards previously went to best selling albums, but since this event the awards committee are considering finding a new way to choose winners to prevent such a happening. Just like with AI bot Tay or the "name your Mountain Dew flavor" campaign, it's been shown time and time again that left to their own devices people just don't always practice democracy in the way the powers that be might prefer they do.

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BMG has thus far pledged $123,000 to a campaign that would teach schoolchildren about anti-Semitism. Perhaps they could take a lesson from France where children are tasked with choosing a child who died in the Holocaust to learn about.

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BMG has been in full damage control and are more than happy to help combat the "disturbing rise in anti-Semitism in Germany."

“Recent news reports have produced shocking evidence of a new wave of antisemitism in German schools,” read a statement by BMG Worldwide CEO Hartwig Masuch. “BMG is utterly opposed to antisemitism.”

Masuch, however denies that Kollegah and Farid are anti-Semitic.

“Kollegah and Farid Bang have repeatedly made it clear on the internet and speaking in public that they are not antisemitic, and they have apologized for any distress caused by the lyrics in question,” he said. “BMG stands for values such as artistic freedom, creativity and diversity.”


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Anonymous No. 23906 2018-04-23 : 12:33

(((Echo Awards}}}

Anonymous No. 23912 2018-04-23 : 14:12

They say it as if a new holocaust would be a bad thing.

Anonymous No. 23927 2018-04-23 : 18:03

I hope their pet savages torture and kill more of the yids tbh.

Anonymous No. 23975 2018-04-24 : 02:02

Moslems in Germany are like what niggers are here in America therefore nothing will happen to them bcuz they aint huwhyte…

Anonymous No. 23976 2018-04-24 : 02:04

Europeans need to start raping Moslem women but most of them aren't attractive

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