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Belgium - Petsitter Convicted Of Raping German Shepherd States Dog "Was Asking For It"

A website called had done some good business for the past five years but is now under investigation after it became known that one of the people for hire (a 72-year-old only identified as DDM) had raped a German shepherd on multiple occasions and had walked around in the house of the owner naked even though he had been warned there were cameras installed all around the villa.

For these acts, a court in the Belgian city of Oudenaarde convicted DDM to 3 months imprisonment and a 6,000 Euro fine today. Furthermore, for the next three years, he is not allowed to keep animals in his care.

Back in 2016, a family from the Flemish city of Zwalm had asked Mr DDM via the website to take care of their dog Rasko. It was not the first time they had hired the retired man to take care of their beloved pet. It was however the first time since the owner had installed security cameras in his own house so he could follow what was going on.

After a few days of holiday, the owner of the house had called his neighbor to ask whether the dogsitter visited daily, as he was paid to do.

When he was told the man hadn’t even left the house yet and had been inside for several days, he switched on the cameras to see what was going on.

“Through my smartphone we demanded the camera images and what we saw was beyond belief. The man walked around naked in our kitchen with Rasko (the German shepherd) on a leach. He then moved to our living room where he sat into the seat with the dog in front of him and then… well I can’t talk about the rest, it’s too gross. After we had seen this we immediately drove home and confronted the man. He didn’t even deny the situation and claimed that Rasko ‘was asking for it.’ He never denied what happened.”

The animal rights organisation GAIA, who had filed charges on behalf of the Belgian state, said via it’s President Mr Michel Vandenbosch: “The court has given a clear signal: seks with animals is reprehensible and should be punished by law. To use animals for this is intolerable”.

For us it is important that the man can no longer be made responsible to care for animals. If he does, he’ll have to pay a fine.


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Anonymous No. 24046 2018-04-24 : 12:51

Their site is still up… They might want to change their slogan.

Anonymous No. 24047 2018-04-24 : 12:53

Oh geez, is it me or do all those pets on their site now look victimized?

Anonymous No. 24048 2018-04-24 : 13:38

And here I hoped it was a qt chick doing the dog…

Joe L No. 24099 2018-04-25 : 03:15

That man should have hired Hillary to represent him. She would have argued that the dog was a willing participant.

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