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NXIVM Sex Cult "Master" Allison Mack Released On $5 Million Bond

"Smallville" star Allison Mack stands accused of being the second in command of the sex cult NXIVM right under its leader Keith Raniere and preying on young, vulnerable woman for sex and labor has been released from jail after posting a $5 million dollar bond. Mack also agreed to stay under house arrest at her California residence.

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Mack's status as both a television cult icon and now a cult leader has made this a high profile case and the actress has hired several attorneys to represent her. Defense counsel has been in plea talks on the charges against her which are sex-trafficking and forced-labor conspiracy. The attorney's negotiating on Mack's behalf secured a $5 million bond after she was originally arrested and jailed on no bond.

Both sides agreed to allow the 35-year-old sex cult "master" to be released while awaiting trial and Tuesday a judge approved the deal. The bond conditions include wearing a GPS ankle bracelet and to have no contact with other members of the cult including but not limited to Clare Bronfman of "Battlestar Galactica", Nicki Clyne, Mack’s wife and fellow TV star, and India Oxenberg, the daughter of TV star Catherine Oxenberg of "Dynasty".

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Judge Viktor Pohorelsky was very specific about not having contact with anyone even remotely associated with NXIVM. "Basically, avoid contact with anyone you know associated in any way with NXIVM. Do you understand?" judge Pohorelsky said. Mack responded with a quiet, "Yes, your Honor." She was wearing a khaki jail outfit and blue sneakers and appeared nervous.

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Department of Corrections officials will be monitoring Mack closely while she stays at her parents' home in Los Alamitos, California. She will be required to stay under house arrest and will only be allowed to leave for pre-approved activities which include traveling to Manhattan to meet with her attorneys and to Brooklyn for court.

Sean Buckley is one of Mack's attorneys and said they want to get her to California as quickly as possible. She will be allowed to travel without a government escort because of the ankle monitor. The "Smallville" actress's mother Melinda Mack secured the $5 million bond using Mack's home in Clifton Park, the family's Los Alamitos home, and a retirement account, according to authorities. She is scheduled to appear next in court May 3 and is expected to reach a plea agreement in lieu of trial.

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Goober No. 24314 2018-04-27 : 08:21

Bet she thought she'd never get caught, oh and those puppy dog eye's in court, yeah that didn't work for her this time.

Hope she loves being force fed rotten old cooch in Prison as Hollywood creates a martyr movie on her behalf.

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