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Big Brother In Your Bridgework? Dental Tracking Tech Unveiled

Looks like Big Brother is taking micro-management towards the nano level. A new sensor designed to be worn on the teeth utilizes a "bioresponsive" layer to absorb nutrients and chemicals from food so it can record and transmit the results. The sensor measures just 2x2m which allows the biosensitive layer to work without need for a mouth guard while eating.

The monitor has three layers. The central layer is the bioresponsive band. When this layer sandwiched between the outer layers absorbs nutrients and chemicals the electrical properties are changed. The outer layers include two square-shaped gold bands that function as antennae. Using the gold micro-antennae the information is transmitted via RF waves. From here it is picked up by the user's phone.

The monitor can also be used to monitor dental health and through analyzing saliva samples may even be able to measure fatigue and other conditions. The device is not yet available for public use.

The sensor can record levels of sugar, salt and alcohol intake and connects wirelessly to the user's mobile phone. For now it's just a novelty for lifeloggers and those who would like to track their nutrition accurately, but eventually the same type of technology could be used to ensure people aren't overeating rations or buying black market booze or chocolate.

As wild as this sounds, there are already those who would like to control not just how people behave, think and speak but what, when and how they eat. As we covered earlier this month, graphene technology is being used to develop microscopic RFID technology that would be embeddable in food. Before that there was talk of using micro-RFID tech for "drug tracking and administration" for certain prescription drugs so it could be made certain the person who says they are taking it is the only one with access to it.

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