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Comey Searched YouTube For Clips Of Trump Laughing

Former FBI Director James Comey was apparently so concerned that he didn't see Trump laugh during a private dinner where they discussed government leaks, criminal investigations, and allegations against Trump himself, that he went home and searched on YouTube for videos of Trump laughing.

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During CNN's recent charade known as "Town Hall" with Anderson Cooper, Comey made himself look like a creepy weirdo when he tried to over analyze President Trump's demeanor. He called Trump an insecure leader who found humor "threatening" because he "looks silly when laughing".

Comey also said Trump didn't laugh during an hour and half long private dinner because "engaging in a humorous encounter with somebody else is a risk for an insecure leader because I might have to acknowledge that you said something funny that I didn't say." This bizarre interview really exposes Comey's character and shows who he really is. Maybe he should have tried to analyze what millions of Americans would think of him before he got on CNN and exposed how weird he is.

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The real difference between Trump and Comey is this: Trump is a man's man and you will always know where you stand with him. Trump will be honest, he will shoot straight with you, and sometimes his openness gets him in trouble but I'd way rather know where I stand with someone than deal with a manipulative person who is always slinking in the shadows and planning how to cover his ass, even if it means leaking classified information to the press and secretly recording top secret meetings with the President.

Keep up with the press tours Comey, no one feels sorry for you and Comey is just the beginning as Trump wades deeper into the swamp on his quest to drain it. By the way, there are plenty of videos of Trump laughing as Twitter users were quick to point out. I guess the fact that Comey couldn't find them shows that the former head of the FBI can't even find a few videos on YouTube.

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Ironically, it was CNN who debunked the myth that Trump never laughs. Trump has even shared a laugh with Putin!

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Anonymous No. 24311 2018-04-27 : 07:28

He is more bizarre than Trump ever was!

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