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Psyops Make Strange Bedfellows: Joy Reid's Jewish Neo-Nazi Connection

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Joy Reid has been in the news lately related to her blog which has been blasted as homophobic by the group LGBTQ advocacy group, PFLAG. Reid is still trying to claim that the blog was hacked, but archived entries from the Wayback Machine beg to differ. <a href="">Chris Butler from WBM</a>, the website archive service found no evidence that the multiple entries archived at's WayBack Machine were anything but legitimate.

<blockquote> ”When we reviewed the archives, we found nothing to indicate tampering or hacking of the Wayback Machine versions. At least some of the examples of allegedly fraudulent posts provided to us had been archived at different dates and by different entities.”

”We let Reid’s lawyers know that the information provided was not sufficient for us to verify claims of manipulation. Consequently, and due to Reid’s being a journalist (a very high-profile one, at that) and the journalistic nature of the blog archives, we declined to take down the archives. We were clear that we would welcome and consider any further information that they could provide us to support their claims.”</blockquote>

In the archived blog posts, MSNBC anchor Joy Reid admits she is "probably" homophobic as she thinks gay sex is "gross." Ironically, she makes some decent sense within the same paragraph:

"For the record I’m sure gay people think straight sex is gross, too, it’s the that the nature of political correctness is that gay people are allowed to say straight sex is gross but the reverse is considered to be patently homophobic."

An interesting turn of events was reported by Mediaite recently. Reid hired Jonathan Nichols as a security expert to exonerate her from the claims by "proving" the site had been hacked. Nichols blamed the "Dark Web" and claimed the entries were somehow a case of <a href="">"screenshot manipulation"</a> (despite what Wayback Machine themselves have officially stated).

As Mediaite reported, Nichols had bragged previously about being an associate of Andrew "weev" Auernheimer who has adminned both Stormfront and the Daily Stormer. In an even more interesting twist, "weev" happens to be Jewish on both sides of his family as reported by his own mother and related through Newsweek, UK's Independent and other sources.

Sounds like the lead-in to a joke doesn't it? "So a homophobic black supremacist hires a Jewish white supremacist to get her out of hot water…"

<a href="">Nichols has since deleted his old posts</a> and set his Twitter to "protected mode" to hide his tweets and tweet history from the general public. Once again, WayBack Machine saves the day:

<blockquote>“Like are most of you aware that I NOT ONLY know Andrew (stromfront admin), but I was the principal element livetweeting his release from [prison],” tweeted Nichols on December 9, 2017. “If you try REALLY HARD you’ll see that I’m connected to the leadership of [Stormfront]. If you try just a bit harder you’ll figure it out.”</blockquote>

<iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Andrew "weev" Auernheimer who has said Jewish children "need to die" is, in fact, Jewish on both sides of his family. weev was not only a Stormfront admin, by the way he ran the Daily Stormer along with Andrew Anglin who, by the way, despite being considered the "poster boy" for white nationalism and a purported "neo-Nazi" has said that "mixed races will be a positive progression for everyone." "I think the white race should be bred out" he said in the same interview. "I think white people are dangerous." "Well, you're dangerous then." "No, dude, I'm mmmmmm…" Anglin nearly answers.

And this is just one example of why I have long believed the "Alt-Right" to be controlled opposition led by CIA shills. It's a psyop that draws together strange bedfellows as seen by the "three degrees of Andrew Anglin" connection Joy Reid appeals to in trying to clear her name.

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