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Nevada Scientologist Couple Running For Public Office In Nevada

Brent Jones, a Nevada politician, is running as a Republican for lieutenant governor in the June 12 primary. Jones' wife Aimee will also be running in the the 2018 elections. To be clear, this article is a warning, rather than an endorsement. The Jones' are doing their best to make L. Ron Hubbard proud. Hubbard, while he was alive, managed to infiltrate multiple local, state and federal government offices including the IRS. Aimee was mentioned in a Church of Scientology publication as having completed the "L11 New Life Rundown" a special auditing level that is only perfored at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida (the de facto headquarters of COS). The course runs around $24,000 and as "L11" suggests, it is far from an introductory auditing course meaning Aimee and her husband (who has also completed "L11") have a fairly intimate involvement in COS.

Ironically, despite all this, Aimee's campaign manager has denied that either Brent or Aiee were actually Scientologists. To be fair, Scientology allows for deception to be employed against "WOGS" (non-Scientologists) similar to the practice of Taqqiya in Islam or Halachic and Talmudic injunctions that allow lying to goyim (gentiles/non-Jews) in specific circumstances. The Jones' publicist claims the only reason they have invested tens (maybe hundreds) of thousands of dollars to get to the level of auditing they've achieved thus far is because they use L. Ron Hubbard's "admin technology" in their Affinity Lifestyles business which involves selling "Real Water" which is alkalized and ionized water.

<blockquote>“Aimee and Brent have both taken courses to learn the business model, I will say that,” Laurel told us. “But you don’t have to be a Scientologist to take their courses. All kinds of people take their courses. All kinds of people use those courses for a business model.”</blockquote>

All sorts of people spend years and years and thousands and thousands of dollars on Scientology courses. Yeah, you're right. All sorts of people who are Scientologists. Certainly there are folks who are tangentially involved in the cult who might take an introductory level communication course after receiving a free personality test, but in this day and age you have to be pretty naive to become seriously involved with the Cult of $cientology without knowing exactly who and what you're dealing with.

Rob Lauer, a conservative pundit and former candidate for Nevada secretary of state in 2010 released a video with his official statement on the Jones'. The video was posted at, a conservative website based in Las Vegas.

<blockquote>"There’s been some people out there — in our party, frankly — who’ve criticized and attacked Brent and Aimee because they’re Scientologists. I’m not a Scientologist. I’m a Christian. But you know that? Brent has a beautiful wife, a beautiful family, he’s got a successful business, so whatever he’s doing it’s working for him, and we should all just let people do what they believe, follow the beliefs that are in their hearts."</blockquote>

Now, wait just a minute here, are they Scientologists or are they not then? Tony Ortega's Underground Bunker reached out to the Jones' publicist to see if they could make something of the apparent discrepancy.

The Bunker: It was just brought to my attention that two weeks ago, Rob Lauer said in this video that Brent and Aimee are Scientologists, but he objects to people bringing that up in the campaign. That contradicts what you told me, that Brent and Aimee are not Scientologists. I’m wondering what you make of that contradiction.

Laurel: Did not watch. Don’t care what you make of it. I also did some checking on you. I heard you were a hack writer and were contacted to attack the Joneses about Scientology. What do you make of that? Why do you try to ruin people you don’t even know? I mean what exactly drives you to do that?

The Bunker: How does it “ruin” Brent and Aimee to point out that they’re Scientologists? Shouldn’t they be excited to tell people about all the benefits they got from the L11 Rundown? That’s the part I don’t understand.

Laurel: You are not trying to be positive — we both know it. Why are you trying to hide who asked you to get involved in a little ole assembly race in Nevada?

The Bunker: As I explained, it’s extremely rare for Scientologists to run for public office in this country. That a husband and wife are both running makes it especially interesting. It was one of my readers who noticed that Aimee was also running and brought it to my attention. No one involved there.

After this conversation, 360Daily removed the Lauer video from the website and their Facebook page. Thank goodness someone in contact with Ortega had the foresight to make sure that it was saved and can be viewed at Ortega's site at the link below.

According to Janis Gillham Grady, author of Commodore's Messenger. Grady and the Jones' have mutual friends and the Jones' wanted to make sure when they visit it's at a time when they not comeninto contact with Grady as she is classified "SP" (suppressive person) by the church for her expose.

The Jones' are not the only Scientologists trying to seep into politics under the conservative banner. Alex Jones, who has supported several prominent Scientologists and Scientology front organizations has recently offered some platform to Joy Villa who was apparently planning on running for Congress. Her address listed was a Scientology owned property. Scientology owned, just like any seat in politics she or any other devotee to CO$ would be.

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