By: Kyle James | 04-28-2018 | News
Photo credit: Doug Davison | Houston Herald

Texas - Houston Teen Threw A Puppy 100 Feet To Its Death

A teenage in Houston has been charged with animal abuse after a puppy was thrown 100 feet to its death. 17-year-old Taylor DeWolfe and another unnamed juvenile confessed to a Texas County Sheriff's Department deputy that he carried the puppy to the top of a fire lookout tower on Highway 38 to throw it off. DeWolfe said the juvenile he was threw the animal off the tower and then tossed it into a nearby ditch.

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DeWolfe also faces misdemeanor charges of tampering with physical evidence related to the dog's death and stealing county road signs. Texas County Prosecuting Attorney Parke Stevens Jr. said the animal abuse charge was not a felony since "the dog was not tortured while alive." Both teens are students at Houston High School and were reported to authorities after bragging to other students about the act.

In his confession, DeWolfe described driving with the other juvenile to the tower with the intent of throwing the puppy off the tower. They then threw the puppy off the highest platform beneath the office, a distance of about 100 feet.

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The unnamed juvenile called DeWolfe after the incident and told him he had bragged to other students about killing the puppy and they needed to move the body. DeWolfe then drove to the ditch where they left the corpse and disposed of it on Highway Z. It was during the interview with deputies that DeWolfe also admitted to stealing county road signs in Cabool and Houston.

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Johnny Neptune No. 24492 2018-04-28 : 21:22

Although Taylor DeWolfe took down his Facebook page, I was able to locate this photograph of him. Taylor the puppy killer is circled in green.

While they didn't name the other teenager who participated, Ethan Shaw (circled in blue) seems like a possible candidate.

Johnny Neptune No. 24503 2018-04-28 : 23:40

Kyle, you fucking idiot.

This story did not take place in Houston Texas. it took place in Houston, Missouri.

In Texas County, Missouri… There is a city called Houston Missouri

The Houston Herald is a newspaper out of Houston misery, NOT TEXAS

You are one of the worst journalists I've ever seen in my life. You suck so bad, dude…

What kind of idiot put together a news story and doesn't even know what state it happened in?

You're a fucking piece of shit.

Anonymous No. 24504 2018-04-28 : 23:40

You are worthless as a journalist

Johnny Neptune No. 24505 2018-04-28 : 23:42

Here's the faggot's Facebook page

He goes to Houston High School in Houston Missouri, not Houston Texas

(You're a fucking idiot, dude)

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