By: Steve Dellar | 04-30-2018 | News
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UK – Serious Catfight Slap At London McDonalds (Video)

Footage emerged online from a McDonalds in the south of London where a woman, apparently in a drunken mood, went behind the counter as she thought the preparation of her food was taking too long. A security guard wanted to escort her back to the waiting line, but the female customer could not be moved.

The incident took place at the takeaway in Camberwell, South London.

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The girl at first plays with the items lying behind the counter until she at a certain point starts arguing with one of the McDonalds employees.

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She then flicks the woman in the face after she picks up the order receipt and tells her to get a move on. The worker gets enraged and can then be seen slapping the girl in the face and hitting her head as a further scuffle ensues.

The girl filming the incident, known as Antonia, stated: “From what I could hear, the girl was upset that her and her friends' order was taking too long so she decided to go behind the counter and get the food herself. After the incident, the worker got taken to the back of the store and the girl was escorted outside by the security guard.”

“The girl was there for a further ten minutes insulting the security guard and causing a scene. Eventually her friends walked off and left her then she followed shortly after.”

McDonald's declined to comment on the video.


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