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Sick UK Couple Murdered French Nanny Then Had Sex

A couple accused of horrifically murdering their French nanny managed even to have sex as the victim lay dead nearby, as if unmindful of the horrors of what was just committed.

A UK court heard the case as 35-year-old Sabrina Kouider told an Old Bailey jury that she cried when her partner, Oiussem Medouini had sex with her to satisfy himself after killing Sophie Lionnet at their flat in Wimbledon, south-west London.

Kouider pinned the blame on her 40-year-old financial analyst partner for killing through waterboarding the 21-year-old nanny in the bathroom in September last year.

The victim’s body was found later on a bonfire in the couple’s garden. During the initial interrogation, Kouider lied to the police officers. She claimed during the hearing, however, that she only did so because she was instructed by Medouini to conceal the truth surrounding the nanny’s death.

Kouider also admitted in court that having sex with her boyfriend just as the victim lay dead nearby was “shocking” to talk about and that she finds it very “embarrassing.”

Medouni’s lawyer contested Kouider’s claims in court. Orlando Pownall QC said Kouider’s assertions are “nonsense.” Kouider countered that she tried to express her apprehension by asking “What are you doing?” She also said that Medouini claimed after the sex act that he was just so stressed.

When asked if she was alleging rape, Kouider answered: “I was shocked. I was not myself. I didn’t say ‘Don’t do that’ but I was crying while he was doing that.”

Pownall suggested that it was just “a figment of Kouider’s imagination.” He also countered that his client has never shown any violence against the victim prior to her death while accusing Kouider of having violent streaks even in her relationship with Medouni. He also said Kouider was violent in the early hours of the day of the crime.

Pownall further claimed that aside from having a history of being violent, Kouider also made false accusations against a number of people in the past. Kouider denied the lawyer’s accusations.

The lawyer of Medouini tried to destroy Kouider’s credibility that she was diagnosed in May 2017 of depression and borderline personality disorder. He also said she had attempted suicide in the past, even detailing how she had jumped from a fourth-floor balcony on her 18th birthday and drank cleaning fluid after breaking up with her fiance when she was 20.

Kouider’s denied the allegations. The couple also both denied committing murder, and only confessed to perverting the course of justice.

It is not yet clear how the victim was exactly killed, and by whom between the couple. It is also not clear what triggered the crime.

It is also not clear whether the couple remains together even as they accuse each other in court.


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Anonymous No. 24890 2018-05-03 : 02:22

>Oiussem Medouini


>UK Couple

They're obviously sandniggers. Kouider is an Algierian name and Medouini is obviously something Middle Eastern, quite possibly Algierian as well.

Anonymous No. 24898 2018-05-03 : 03:26

I think the drawing is pretty good though.

Anonymous No. 24899 2018-05-03 : 03:27

Now draw them having sex.

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