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San Diego - 88 ‘Caravan’ Asylum Seekers Entered US (Video)

By now, some 88 asylum seekers who had traveled with the Pueblo Sin Fronteras caravan from the Mexican-Guatemalan border to Tijuana over the course of several weeks, have entered the USA. There are no known numbers as to how many of them have entered illegally since arriving.

As a response to the high number, the US Justice Department claimed it would be sending 35 additional assistant attorneys and 18 immigration judges to the border.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated: “We are sending a message worldwide: Don’t come illegally. Make your claim to enter America in a lawful way and wait your turn.”

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Given the success rate (some reports claim that about 250-400 immigrants had made it all the way to the US-Mexican border) of entering the US, it is to be expected many more of these will follow in the future.

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Mr. Roberto Corona who founded the Pueblo Sin Fronteras group says that the intense spotlight which is now shining on his organization is a mixed blessing. The positive side of things is that it has raised worldwide awareness of the dangers and levels of violence amongst cultures in South and Central America. The negative aspect is that he expects the US government to crack down on future ‘caravans’.

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"We want to show the humanity of this, not the politics," Corona said. "It's not about the wall."

The size of this year’s ‘caravan’, which some state reached about 1,700 at its maximum grouping, is a great success for the organization given that it is only the third time they have organized such a trek.

The group's first caravan of mostly Central American asylum seekers walked through Mexico during the months of April and May of 2017 with a maximum reach of some 600 people which became only 100 by the time it reached Tijuana. Most of those also sought asylum, but because of the smaller group, no one really noticed.

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The US justice department meanwhile launched investigations against 11 ‘caravan’ members, of whom it suspects they crossed the border illegally after coming to Tijuana with the group of Pueblo Sin Fronteras.

Ms. Nicole Ramos, who advises the caravan members on legal issues, stated that those 11 individuals were never part of the group: “Quite a few people have claimed to be part of the caravan, including a sizeable contingent of Guatemalan men who were never part.”


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Anonymous No. 24942 2018-05-03 : 14:51

Of course Nicole has to say the border jumpers were not part of the caravan, cause as we all know these are all poor asylum seekers that hold our laws to the highest regard. LOL!!

Make them sit for weeks and that should weed out the criminals and send the message of hurry up and wait in the hot sun for your 10% chance of getting in. Hopefully this will prevent others with the wrong intentions from even trying in the future??

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