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Controversial CIA Director Nominee Gina Haspel Has Bipartisan Support

Gina Haspel has been nominated to head the CIA. The decision has already been a controversial one, not least due to Haspel's connection to "Detention Site Green," a torture facility that likely was located in a safe house <a href="">on the grounds of a Royal Thai Air Force base</a>. The White House has noted that several former CIA heads such as John Brennan, Michael Morell and James Clapper supported the decision. Another point being played up is "bipartisan support" and how some of the CIA directors who support Haspel were appointed by Democratic presidents.

Congress isn't nearly as glowing in their regard for Haspel as the former Company heads. Senator Dianne Feinstein, generally a friend of the surveillance state, has demanded that the role Haspel played in Detention Site Green be disclosed. She also wants to make sure members of the two legislative houses are aware of the 2005 CIA order to destroy nearly 100 videotapes of interrogations there.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, the former chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has demanded that Gina Haspel's part in running Detention Site Green, and in a CIA order in 2005 to destroy 92 videotapes of the interrogations conducted there, must be made public so that the Senate can make an informed judgment about her suitability to head the agency.

Neo-conservatives have their <a href="">roots in the Trotskyites</a>. They have replced their eternal war with the Stalinists with eternal war against Islamo-fascism. Meanwhile, the new left leaning hawks (the other side of the neo-liberal/neo-conservative coin) could just as easily be compared to the "tankies" on the other side of that equation. The thing to notice here though is that neo-conservatives are conservative in the same way that neo-liberals are liberals. Both "sides" are playing on the false dichotomy of the partisan divide. By appearing to be liberal or conservative they train their bases against each other. Meanwhile, it's hard to speak of draining swamps when there are still Newts and other neo-con creatures responsible for lying about WMDs to get us into Iraq after 9/11 and lying about surveillance of US citizens under the Patriot Act.

Jeremy Bash was Democratic chief counsel to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and chief of staff at the CIA and the Department of Defense under President Obama. In <a href="">an Op-Ed for NBC,</a> Bash shared how he felt that "she is among the most qualified people ever nominated to lead the CIA." Well, considering the "bipartisan support" amongst the intelligence spectrum, it's certain to say she's a good friend of the security state. A real "Company woman," so to speak.

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