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Canada - Police Find Dead Body In Woman's Bathroom After Toilet Stopped Flushing

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Police say there was no foul play involved in the death of a man who was found behind the wall of a woman's bathroom in a Calgary mall. The man was in his 20's and apparently died after climbing inside the wall of a women's bathroom and getting stuck, according to police. There are still some unanswered questions such as why he decided to enter the wall in the first place.

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The area the man died in is referred to as a "pony wall" and is used to hide utilities but it is not connected to the ceiling. The only opening is a vent cover near the top which he had to remove in order to climb in. Police say he climbed in the pony wall Friday evening after entering the woman's bathroom at the food court alone. His body wasn't discovered until Monday morning when a maintenance worker investigated the cause of a toilet that wouldn't flush.

Police say the wall has no other access points which he could have entered and the vent he used is located around six feet high. The family members of the victim were notified after an autopsy was completed Wednesday but his identity is not being released since his death was ruled accidental.

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Calgary authorities did not release the exact cause and time of death either but did say, "The victim’s motivation for crawling inside the wall is unknown at this time." A spokesperson for the Core Shopping Center said the employee who found the body has been offered counseling and time off "to deal with whatever he may be going through."

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