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The Top 3 UFOs Videos Of 2018 Debunked

2018 has been full of exciting news, but nothing gets my hopes up like the possibility of finally getting the smoking gun that proves UFOs are real and are visiting earth from outer space. Each time a new unidentified flying object video pops up I get a flicker of hope that this may finally be the one, but each time this year I've been disappointed. That isn't to say I don't believe that extraterrestrial entities are visiting earth using technology that is beyond anything Earth has to offer, I think there is actually an abundance of evidence to support this but that is for another story.

Today let's look at the top three most intriguing UFO sightings of 2018 with a critical eye and show why I think these videos can be tossed into the debunked folder.

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First up is a mysterious sighting captured by local news channel Fox 6 in Milwaukee using a weather camera that shows a wide angle of downtown. Right away the video shows dozens if not hundreds of bright white dots buzzing around in the sky at all angles. There seems to be a light trail following what looks like glowing orbs as they dart to and fro in the night sky. The video went viral shortly after being posted February 28, 2018. Have you guessed what they are yet? When you take into account factors such as low-quality video which blurs the detail of objects in the distance you start to realize things aren't always what they appear. In fact, what appears to be glowing orbs are actually nothing more than seagulls. When you compare how the bright lights of the city are blurred and diffused by the camera, combined with the low quality, you get a giant flock of seagulls which appear to be glowing orbs.

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If you got a little excited when you saw how many UFOs were in the last video, you're going to like this next one as well. This video was shot from the passenger seat of a parked car in Henderson, Nevada just one week before the group of seagulls were filmed in the last video. This video shows dozens of UFOs also, but these ones seem to be engaged in some type of battle as they appear to shoot bursts of light at one another. Now, first of all, let's address what the video poster said about the video:

<i>"I took the video with my iPhone and it was not retouched in any way, no Photoshop or anything. It is raw footage. I do not know what it was or what happened, but it happened. The proof is in the video. I had my car window down, so I know it was not a reflection. I am still shocked at what I saw, but I feel that it is important enough for MUFON to see."</i>

So if you were like me, you probably automatically assumed the lights in this video were reflected headlights but are they really? If the word of the passenger is to be believed and the window was actually down and these UFOs were actually in the sky then what are they? Well, let's give the video poster the benefit of the doubt and say the window is actually rolled down, why was it filmed at such an odd angle? If this were actually taking place outside I would be getting out of the car and trying to get a better angle of the UFOs. That simple clue is what confirms to me that this sighting is not actually legit. Even if the window is down, it is still possible the lights are being reflected from the windshield onto the camera lens, or even off the camera lens itself. While I can't say 100% this sighting is not real, I'm going to move it into the debunked folder.

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Finally, we have a video that although it wasn't taken in 2018, but was released last December by a research organization called To The Stars Academy of Arts And Science. The video is declassified Department of Defense footage that was taken from a NAVY fighter jet sighting in 2015. Pilots David Fravor and Commander Jim Slaight of the U.S. Navy both say they witnessed an oval-shaped object flying over the sea off the Southern California coast. The video was captured by an F/A-18F Super Hornet and recorded on a Raytheon ATFLIR pod which is a targeting pod mounted underneath the aircraft and equipped with a camera. The camera also utilizes a laser rangefinder and a laser spot tracker. So what did these pilots really see?

The original article posted by To The Stars Academy which featured the video broke it down as follows:

<i>"As the video starts, the sensor is in infrared “black-hot” mode – black elements in the display are warmer than the dark, or lighter color, areas. It is at zoom factor 1.0. The F/A-18 Super Hornet is at 25,000 feet altitude, 259 knots (~300 mph, Mach 0.61), and in level flight. The sensor is aimed 22 degrees below the horizon and 36 degrees to the left of the F/A-18’s direction. The ATFLIR tracking trap box is a square in the center of the screen. The ocean surface is clearly visible in the background."</i>

Now, if you haven't figured it out yet, some technical knowledge of how ATFLIR works and a little comparison will reveal what this video actually shows. The footage is rather low quality, and because of this, the aircraft that this orb belongs to is distorted beyond recognition. That's right, I said it, it's an aircraft and here is why I say that. Mick West at compared the To the Stars Academy video to footage taken from an ATFLIR of a jet and the two are nearly identical. Factor in the low quality of the original footage and maybe the distance of the object and you get what appears to be a spinning orb when in reality it is the engines of an aircraft.

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Now, if it were only this video that was released, I'd say case closed and toss this video into the debunked folder with the last two, but there is some more information accompanying this video. After all, the pilots in the video don't recognize the object and to assume that trained fighter pilots can't use their instruments to recognize a simple aircraft is skeptical in itself. But more than that, the sighting captured in the footage was corroborated by six other pilots. I'd like to know if the pilots witnessed this object with their own eyes or if their sightings were purely through instrumentation in which case I think the odds of them being mistaken are too great to ignore. But if the pilots saw an oval shaped object traveling the way the video appears to show, then perhaps there is something unexplainable here after all…

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5 races of aliens live among us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Six ☺, We arrived last week.

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You gotta be real fucking retarded to deny footage from the fucking Navy and the Department of Defense.

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@ 25206 - call in to our live show Tuesday 10 am PHT, Monday 7 pm PST. Let's discuss this.

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@ 25217 the DoD footage shows the glare of a jet engine, that is all

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