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Wikileaks Dumps Hillary Email Exposing Her Ordering US Diplomats to Steal DNA from UN Leadership

There's an extremely serious dump of emails that came from Wikileaks exposing Hillary Clinton for ordering top US Diplomats to steal the DNA and passwords from United Nations leadership.

The stunning email comes from the account of Hillary Clinton that used the address “[email protected]”.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">New email from Hillary Clinton (&quot;[email protected]&quot;) released by State Department talking about <a href="">@WikiLeaks</a> exposing her ordering US diplomats to steal DNA and passwords from UN leadership <a href=""></a><br><br>Background: <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) <a href="">May 6, 2018</a></blockquote>

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Below is the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) which released the email from Hillary Clinton, which references both Wikileaks, Julian Assange, and an article which had called for Hillary Clinton's resignation over the 2009 spying scandal ordered at the hands of Hillary Rodham Clinton towards the UN while she was Secretary of State.

<p style=" margin: 12px auto 6px auto; font-family: Helvetica,Arial,Sans-serif; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; font-size: 14px; line-height: normal; font-size-adjust: none; font-stretch: normal; -x-system-font: none; display: block;"> <a title="View Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Clinton Email on Scribd" href="" style="text-decoration: underline;" >Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Clinton Email</a> by <a title="View Red Pill's profile on Scribd" href="" style="text-decoration: underline;" >Red Pill</a> on Scribd</p><iframe class="scribd_iframe_embed" title="Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Clinton Email" src="" data-auto-height="false" data-aspect-ratio="0.7729220222793488" scrolling="no" id="doc_33349" width="1000" height="1333" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Hillary Rodham Clinton is quite possibly the most corrupt Secretary of State in American history, and no doubt the most corrupt politician to ever walk the face of the earth.

America truly dodged a bullet by avoiding the election of this wicked witch, and thanks to the newest tweet from Wikileaks dumping this story into the laps of the general public, they can be reminded just how corrupt the entire Obama regime actually was.

A 2009 article from The Guardian was also referenced in the Wikileaks tweet, which discussed the spying orders from Hillary Clinton against the-Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, as well as several members of the UN’s permanent Security Council of the United Kingdom, France, China, and Russia.

The top-secret intelligence campaign was ordered directly from Hillary Clinton and had at the time infuriated members of the UN, only to now be brought to light yet again by Wikileaks with the inclusion of the email from Hillary Clinton's private server.

The Guardian writes:

<blockquote>”It called for detailed biometric information "on key UN officials, to include undersecretaries, heads of specialised agencies and their chief advisers, top SYG [secretary general] aides, heads of peace operations and political field missions, including force commanders" as well as intelligence on Ban's "management and decision-making style and his influence on the secretariat". A parallel intelligence directive sent to diplomats in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi said biometric data included DNA, fingerprints and iris scans.”</blockquote>

<blockquote>”Washington also wanted credit card numbers, email addresses, phone, fax and pager numbers and even frequent-flyer account numbers for UN figures and "biographic and biometric information on UN Security Council permanent representatives".”</blockquote>

<blockquote>”The secret "national human intelligence collection directive" was sent to US missions at the UN in New York, Vienna and Rome; 33 embassies and consulates, including those in London, Paris, and Moscow.”</blockquote>

<blockquote>”The operation targeted at the UN appears to have involved all of Washington's main intelligence agencies. The CIA's clandestine service, the US Secret Service and the FBI were included in the "reporting and collection needs" cable alongside the state department under the heading "collection requirements and tasking".”</blockquote>

So much for the whole “Russian collusion” and “Russian interference” narratives, when this further implicates the American intelligence community in literally attempting to steal the DNA and biometrics of members of the UN Security Council.

What a time to be alive, as the “Deep State” continues to be exposed.

The audacity of this woman is beyond disturbing and it's as if with each passing day we find out that yes, <i>she's even viler than we initially believed</i>, despite doubting that a person could possibly be any more corrupt.

Thanks, Wikileaks. 100% accuracy rating still remains in-tact.

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28 Comment/s
Anonymous No. 25211 2018-05-06 : 11:06

if she had won, the entire planet would be an unrecognizable wasteland of war by now.

Anonymous No. 25212 2018-05-06 : 11:32

Writing a What If E-Book on what the 1st 100 days of Hillary Clinton Admin would have looked like, IF she had been elected. From what I have so far it covers :

Possible WH Staff and Cabinet,

3 letter Agency appointees.

Federal Judges and SCOTUS appointments did she have planned?

Which SCOTUS justices would retired or died in the 1st 100 days?

Executive orders covering: Open Borders, Open Immigration, Authorize Anti-Gun - ATF NO-Knock weapon confiscation, Anti-Christian, Appoint 1st Islamic Supreme Court Justice, further Weaponize the FCC, IRS, Drop DOJ enforcement of Section 8 of the Civil Right voting laws making easier for Illegal voting. New Anti-Right Speech Hate Speech guidelines. Mandatory Single Payer National Health-care. Waco type raids would she conduct. Creation of a LGBT Federal Agency.

Appointment of M. Obama or Pocahontas as Sec. Of State. SOS Kerry appointmment.

Would have Trump and other conservatives investigated and jailed. Instruct congress to create a 90% tax bracket for the wealthy. Apply Social-Capitalist Economic rules. Require stronger Climate Change and Carbon limit requirements. Increase Federal Dept of Education authority and empower the NEA Socialist agenda. Federal Housing (actual Homes not projects) for those that can't afford a house.

Federalizing Colleges and tuition costs. Federalize Pharmaceutical industry.

RJ Barcel No. 25245 2018-05-06 : 17:29

Thee Illuminati, Deep State, & Shadow Govt. made sure we had no good choices, in 2024 they will make sure that both candidates are their choices, as they have before… and then what???

84ironduke No. 25288 2018-05-07 : 04:29

There are plenty of hollow trees for people to be hog-tied, hung upside down and left for nature to run its slow course.

Ruger1 No. 25315 2018-05-07 : 11:52

Still Don't know Why Hillary Clinton is Still Walking Around a Free Person?? With the Crimes Her and Pedophile Bill, Obama, McCain, Lynch, Comey, Mueller, Holder and Pelosi and Reid have Done to Our Great Country and are Continuing to Do is Beyond Me!!!! THEY ARE TRAITOR'S and ALL of THEM Should be Prosecuted and Then Executed for Their Crimes!!!!!! But No, the Butcher of Benghazi Clinton is Out Campaigning and Still has her Security Clearance??? WTF Does She Still have a Security Clearance??

Jro No. 25317 2018-05-07 : 12:10

The scribd email in the article is not the same as what you are describing. Please update the link

CH No. 25334 2018-05-07 : 14:39

The witch of Benghazi is even more evil than one could imagine.

There is a special place in hell for the Clintons, Obamas, Bushs and those traitors that have worked endlessly to destroy our nation.

Jerry No. 25339 2018-05-07 : 14:53

She is a present day Jezebel!

CY No. 25340 2018-05-07 : 15:02

The Clintons are still having people knocked off. Recently, it was a doctor that brought to light how the Clinton Foundation did nothing to help Hatii.

May such return upon their own heads quickly.

john No. 25343 2018-05-07 : 15:10

HRC ….your knee shall bow and your tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord of all!

sarah No. 25345 2018-05-07 : 15:34

May the Lord let Hillary in this lifetime and in the afterlife get everything she deserves.

Bill No. 25359 2018-05-07 : 17:13

This evil bitch along with all her hang ons in the deep state will die by the death of a thousand cuts, they will get it just be patient these people will get just what they have been meeting out to innocent people

Not stupid No. 25364 2018-05-07 : 18:53

This is ridiculous. HRC went through years of investigations over Benghazi including 11 hours of testimony. WikiLeaks is run by a Russian backed coward in hiding. There is no way to prove the validity of his posts or this supposed FOIA request since the claim is emails were deleted and the FBI took the server so it is doubtful the State Dept would have it now. Stop promoting a man who is endangering American lives.

Elaine Coker No. 25372 2018-05-07 : 22:51

I just love Julian Assange. He has done Americans a GREAT BIG FAVOR in helping to expose this CORRUPT EVIL in our Government.

Bames Jond No. 25374 2018-05-07 : 23:49

A VILE women most worthy of the ROPE!

Sam Dennis No. 25376 2018-05-08 : 00:32

Hillary issued a denial.

Don't you believe her? After all, she also claims that she's honest.

Anonymous No. 25378 2018-05-08 : 00:37

Love trump, hate hillary

Strayhorse No. 25379 2018-05-08 : 00:40

Q repeats "Trust the Plan". Well if the plan is to arrest, charge, take to trial and execute the most heinous bunch of evil Bush, Clinton and Obama cabalists; build the wall and protect the culture and sovereignty of the United States of AMERICA,; and Make America Great Again then WWGO WGA. Then HRC and Gang won't be walking around freely much longer.

seth rich No. 25388 2018-05-08 : 02:43

Dearest Hillary would never do such a thing. I mean there is no real evidence that she has had hundreds of people (who got in her way) killed if only because she's destroyed said evidence. Stealing a little DNA what's wrong with that anyway, you don't even have to kill them to get there DNA now a days. lol.

AnonymousI No. 25390 2018-05-08 : 03:24

Hillary is a human cash register who does nothing unless it makes her a profit. So, I wonder who wanted this DNA and how much they were willing to pay. My God, if true, the scope of such an operation is mind boggling

D3F1ANT No. 25438 2018-05-08 : 14:04

They could find emails in which Hillary brags about killing and eating babies and she'd STILL never face any music at all…sad.

great read! No. 25598 2018-05-10 : 03:33

…like many Progresive Liberals, HRC doesn't deserve to breathe fresh air - period!

Anonymous No. 25702 2018-05-11 : 05:14

This cunt deserves to be hung upside down and beheaded!!

neo No. 25799 2018-05-12 : 03:27

One has to wonder why she wanted their DNA…unless she had plans to "clone" them and have them in her pocket to do her bidding and not buck her….mmm…if this is true…how many has she done?

Anonymous No. 25803 2018-05-12 : 05:21

Hillary is a cunt

Htos1 No. 25954 2018-05-13 : 19:56

Here's why:

You take the DNA sequence of an "enemy" who can't be blackmailed, and manufacture artificial bllod/saliva/semen from that sample. Inject into a willing mole. Find a benign surveillance video showing the two individuals in a same location(pre-planned) and VOILA! Instant conviction! Even have the mole doble-crossed and murdered b y the "manufacturer" for a murder conviction of the patsy.

WHEN, Pentagon!?

Anonymous No. 26213 2018-05-16 : 04:39

What's crazy is some ignorant people still believe in this satanic witch! Talk about having your head up your butt! You know we had better put her away soon or some other country will arrest her and we won't be able to get her! Don't you think the U.N. should press charges?

Emilio Lain No. 95312 2021-01-25 : 02:41

Happy New Year 2021!!!

Are you working tomorrow?

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