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California - Controversial Candidate Spits On Israel Flag After Being Kicked Out Of CA-GOP Meeting

Sometimes the pendulum swings so hard in one direction it seems to be propelled violently in the opposite direction. Is that what's responsible for Patrick Little's surprising poll results? Little was recently kicked out of a GOP event in California. His response was to stand on the sidewalk after having been escorted out and talk about Israel's attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 while he stands (and spits) on an Israeli flag. Lol wat?

I'm reminded of the line from the Beatles' Revolution, "If you're carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow." And surely, comparing Hitler to "the second coming of Christ" and making statements like "God bless Hezbollah," are also not generally considered the top tactics for winning friends and influencing people in the Beltway. Surprisingly, however, some polls had a projected 18% of California supporting the candidate who wants a by the people, of the people, for the people and "free from Jews."

One of his main campaign planks is basically free the US from "Jewish oligarchy" set up by "Zionist stooges." Little is a former Marine who served in Afghanistan and also the current front runner to beat incumbent Senator Dianne Feinstein. Newsweek invokes his name alongside Paul Nehlen who also surprised and polarized the GOP with his staunch anti-Israel stance and similar outspokenness on other controversial matters. Along with that come the inevitable comparisons to Hitler, the mentions of the "armies of white supremacists" who took to the streets in Charlottesville.

It's hard to tell exactly what Little's endgame. If it's an attempt to push the Overton Window, it's just as much another excuse to bring up how the past few years "extremists" have been "emboldened" by the danger of free speech havens like imageboards. What makes things more complex is how Little has been unafraid to call out "alt-right" venues like The Right Stuff and Daily Stormer for failing to support him. He also has brought up the fact that admin of Daily Stormer and Stormfront, "weev" happens to be Jewish himself.

According to Little CA-GOP also <a href="">lied about their card processing</a> not working. They initially said that IT issues prevented them from processing payment. Not surprisingly, the video of Little spitting on the Israeli flag was also taken down off of YouTube. <a href="">Little announced from his website</a> that he is in the process of uploading all six videos that were taken down from YouTube to bitchute.

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