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"Nazi Grandma" Ursula Haverbeck In Prison After 5 Day Manhunt

Ursula Haverbeck has been arrested and sent to prison after shortly going on the lam to escape a sentence related to Holocaust denial in Germany. Haverbeck, 89, is referred to as "The Nazi Grandma" in German papers. Her most recent charge stems from an article claiming that Auschwitz was a labor camp, rather than a death camp.

Haverbeck was discovered at her home in Vlotho after a five-day manhunt when she didn't show up on time to turn herself in for her two year incarceration. Police initially tried her home when she didn't show up but her house was empty and the car was gone. Monday she was arrested by Herford police who transported her directly to the correctional facility where she has begun her sentence.

In Germany, as in Canada and other European countries, "Holocaust denial" is illegal and can be punished with hefty fines and even prison time. The term "denial" is a bit of a misnomer however, as disagreeing on finer points of the accepted history can be considered "Holocaust denial." Haverbeck narrowly escaped prison time in the past for previous charges of Holocaust denial due to appeals.

In the case of Haverbeck, her lawyer tried to argue that what she had wrote was covered by the country's free speech laws, but she was convicted in September of "incitement." Technically, the "accepted history" of the Holocaust has changed some, even figures of the dead at Auschwitz changed, but disagreeing with the official facts (of the moment) is a dangerous pastime several places.


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Anonymous No. 25457 2018-05-08 : 16:17

Whew!! I feel so much safer now that this old woman was captured. Meanwhile the UK has close to a million refugees that are causing all sorts of violence but pay no attention to that cause we have to catch this dangerous 89 year old woman that is not afraid to tell the truth.

Yo4967 No. 25460 2018-05-08 : 16:39

Now we all know why you are going by "anonymous"? I agree with you on free speech. I feel any ignorant is allowed to believe what they will. Ignorance begets more ignorance.

Anonymous No. 25479 2018-05-08 : 21:02

Yo-1967 sounds like a huge faggot. Having a name is a weakness as you will be persecuted by your thoughts, regardless of what they are or whom is disagreeing with them, because of the label you put on your own head.

Only the stupid would say anonimity is ignorance. It takes either balls or a lack of brain to voice opinions with something that can be tracked. And the latter is more likely given the sad state of the world's society standards. You are only hampering yourself.

Anonymous No. 25501 2018-05-09 : 02:57

I agree with >>25479

Anonymity is one of the free worlds last allies. I think names are irrelevant. Only the merits of what is said is worth weighing.

Anonymous No. 25524 2018-05-09 : 10:01

She should have gone to the first Embassy that would take her, surely she doesn't have long to live.

Anonymous No. 25526 2018-05-09 : 10:18


What is odd is the Nazi Party was a SOCIALIST Political Party.

Roughly 1/2 of the US Democrat Party, which controls the votes of the US Jews, Blacks, Latinos, Snowflakes and the Far Left ANTI-FA Storm Trooper Liberals. Tends to migrate to Socialism and Socialist Leaders like Yo-Mama, Bernie, Hillary and NYC Mayors. Supporting Socialist causes like Group justice vs individual justice, State control Education / social materials, Welfare, Ghettos (Housing projects), Gov Health Care and Reducing personal freedoms for the Good or The Motherland (USA Federal Gov.) etc… just like the NAZI Party did.

Freedom of Speech, firearm ownership, Warrant less searches, Trumped up evidence, raids on opposing political leadership family, Media control and arrests were ALL part of the NAZI's raise to power and then with total

Anonymous No. 25528 2018-05-09 : 10:34


Note: YES!! NAZI's killed over a million JEW's, Homosexuals and etc… in Labor Factory/Death camps. My dad a soldier in WWII in the US Army Yankee Division that liberated the SS run Gusen and another nearby concentration camp. So I know they existed.

As I was told and have read. The Labor/Death Camps 2nd biggest and closest runner up killer was Typhus. According to US and Nazi Records. Typhus, due to lack of ANY treatment coupled with a starvation diet, Salve labor work, poor sanitary conditions and etc… killed likely close to 45 to 60% of all Death / Labor Concentration Camp Prisoners.


It is well documented that the fatality rate from typhus for Dachau Prior to June 1945, was over 50%.

The Official death rate from typhus in the Warsaw ghetto, where a 400k to 500k of Jews were walled in, was placed at between just under 450 per day. Or 146,000 per year x 3+/- years = 438,000+/-.

So while the NAZI's — DID NOT — Gas, or Shoot 6 million Jew's in Labor/Death Camps.

The Nazi's are responsible for every person murdered directly or indirectly for being Jewish, Communist Russian, Slavic, or Homosexual, Gypsies or etc.. Plus The Labor Death Camps Crematories never handled or could have handled 6 million prisoners. Because even war photos show mass murders being conducted everywhere the NAZI's conquered and these were never sent to any Labor Camp.

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