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NJ School “Inclusive Cheerleading” Policy Met With Fury; Dem Crazy Idea?

Students and parents are fervently jeering at a New Jersey high school’s new policy that states either “everyone makes the cheerleading squad or no one does.”

The Hanover Park High School in East Hanover decided to make the cheerleading squad more inclusive after an unnamed parent complained that his or her child didn’t make the team after try-outs last month.

Even those already in the squad are not happy with the school’s new goal of being “inclusive.” Student Stephanie Krueger recently shared her thoughts with the board of education members and said that all her hard work for the squad “has been thrown out the window.”

Some parents also share that when they complained to the school about the new inclusive “cheerleading for all or none at all” policy, the principal threatened to disband the current 10-member squad.

The board is still reviewing the policy. It remains unclear when a final decision will be made, and if parents and students will be involved in the deliberation process.

Cheerleading for sure is not for everyone adhering to certain standards and demands as in any field be it in sports, music or arts, and not everyone is interested in it. It is still unclear also how one complaint from a parent managed to influence such a drastic school policy change.

It is almost comical to wonder if the principal and other officials who decided on the matter could be Democrats with the propensity for supposed political correctness and in embracing such concepts as “inclusiveness” even when it is not logical, fair or practical.


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Vic G No. 25533 2018-05-09 : 11:48

Didn't make cheerleader squad? so what? she just couldn't cut it of course.. soo? Spoilt winging brat!! I didn't make the grade on somethings either, wasn't up for it or cutout to be competitive in that stream, so what? did other things.. I know where this will end… school will say, many of the kids got B and D grades, felt so disappointed that we gave them all A+… now we have happy school …. of dunces… the whole damned world is on free fall..

Jollee No. 25535 2018-05-09 : 12:03

Touche! No Logic :)

Anonymous No. 25548 2018-05-09 : 15:08

This is nuts, it seems the schools don't want kids to try harder or to aspire to higher goals. Its the libs retarded thinking that we are all equal in our abilities. It started 15 years after my graduation from HS where grade schools started not keeping score in sports, even though most kids still kept track but wouldn't get awarded for winning as all players got awarded. Kinda takes the whole idea of playing sports into more of an exercise program. Also turns off the athletic kids as they don't want to be part of a team that is loaded with players that have no ability to play.

Agreeing with Vic G the next thing we will be seeing is all students getting A+'s once a parent calls and cries "muh kid gots dez an effs not fair". It is already happening on the tech school level. I taught an adjunct class at the local tech school and failed 2 students because they didn't come to over 1/2 of the classes and didn't do any of the required work. The school was livid, said they failed because I failed to properly teach them. Even though they missed more classes than attended! I was told that I should have dropped them, so they could re-enroll the next semester. Once failed they have to wait a year to re-take the class. I have not been asked to teach since debating the policy with the school.

Yes I would have to agree that the world in whole is in a free fall!

Anonymous No. 25640 2018-05-10 : 14:13

Cheer-leading is one of the toughest physically demanding sports. Cheerleaders spend considerable time toning their bodies to peak perfection so that they can do the gymnastics, dances, jumps and static towers of human flesh that makes up what American cheer-leading is. Let them be included, if they are fat and pudgy put them on the bottom of the pyramid and they will be a good cushion if someone falls during training.

Joe No. 26086 2018-05-14 : 23:26

What good is it to make a team when you suck? It's does nothing to make one better - Idiots making rules Everywhere -

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