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Syrian President Assad: “The Agenda Of The Deep State In The US Is To Create A Conflict” (Video)

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad gave a rare interview to Greek newspaper Kathimerini in which he discussed the current state of the conflict, his thoughts on the invasion of the northern provinces by Turkey, and the escalation of the conflict between Israel and Iran.

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<b>Chemical attack</b>

Kathimerini's executive editor Mr Alexis Papachelas, who sat down with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, opened the debate with a difficult question immediately and asked him about the Syrian Army’s usage of chemical weapons against civilians.

Mr Assad responded that his army gave up their chemical weapons in 2013 and furthermore “let’s presume that this army has chemical weapons and it’s in the middle of the war; where should it be used? At the end of the battle? They should use it somewhere in the middle, or where the terrorists made an advancement, not where the army finished the battle and the terrorists gave up.”

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“The Western narrative started after the victory of the Syrian Army, not before. When we finished the war, they said, ‘They used chemical weapons’.”

<b>Turkey </b>

The Syrian President spoke harshly against his neighbor, Turkish President Erdogan, who invaded the northern province of Afrin. He said Turkey’s invasion in Syria was “an aggression, an occupation”.

“Any single Turkish soldier on Syrian soil represents occupation. That doesn’t mean the Turkish people are our enemies. Only a few days ago, a political delegation visited from Turkey. We have to distinguish between the Turks in general and Erdoğan.”

“Maybe he’s not officially member, but his affiliation is toward that ideology, I call it this dark ideology. And for him, because, like the West, when the terrorists lost control of different areas, and actually they couldn’t implement the agenda of Turkey or the West or Qatar or Saudi Arabia, somebody had to interfere.”

<b>Iran-Israel </b>

Asked if the war in Syria could turn into a full out war between various nations (clearly hinting at the Iran-Israel aggressions as late, President Assad responded that Russia’s “wise leadership” would stop this.

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“Fortunately, you have a wise leadership in Russia, and they know that the agenda of the deep state in the United States is to create a conflict. Since Trump’s campaign, the main agenda was against Russia, create a conflict with Russia, humiliate Russia, undermine Russia, and so on.”

“And we’re still in the same process under different titles or by different means. Because of the wisdom of the Russians, we can avoid this,” Assad said.


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