By: Kyle James | 05-12-2018 | News
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Trump's Best Week Ever, In Spite Of Leftwing CNN

While the president is accomplishing unprecedented progress on the Korean peninsula including the return of three US detainees held in North Korean labor camps, the leftwing media is still pushing the idea that Trump is a racist failure. Hearing the same old bias narrative on CNN is tiring, but thankfully there are people out there like Dana of The Dana Show.

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President Trump's successes in the past week alone range from withdrawing the United States from the useless Iran deal which even our European allies have called insufficient, to record-low unemployment under 4%. Also of note, black unemployment is at the lowest its ever been at just 6.6% and trillions of $ are coming back to the US as a direct result of Trump Administration efforts and policy.

President Trump also personally greeted the three US detainees released by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as they landed at Andrews Airport. Not even Obama could secure the release of these prisoners. This is not the only progress in on the Korean peninsula, as a result of Trump's hard-line stance on negotiations with North Korea, Kim Jong Un also made peace with the South Korean president in a meeting at the Demilitarized Zone, an area that no North Korean leader has crossed in decades.

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At the same time, these momentous achievements are being made, those waging war against Trump from within are getting more desperate. Recently a judge ruled businesses can discriminate and refuse service to Trump supporters after a bar forced a white male to leave simply because he was wearing a Make America Great Again hate. What kind of country has this become when a business is legally allowed to refuse service because of a hat that says Make America Great Again?

How is making America Great offensive? Thankfully, those like Dana of The Dana Show are speaking up against the anti-Trump cultural being perpetrated by the left. Dana brings her "original brand of young, punk-rock, conservative irreverence" to the radio and her audience is quickly growing.

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