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“Fake News” CNN’s Ratings Collapsed 20% in May Alone

The “fake news” outlet known as CNN is suffering big league in terms of viewership, according to new reports which suggest that CNN has officially lost 20% of their ratings in the month of May alone.

Many are unaware that CNN’s ratings have long since been propped up by artificial viewership due to airport contracts, meaning that their programming blasts across hundreds of thousands of the screens in terminals and hangars all across the nation as passengers await their flights and purchase tickets.

It's like throwing a rock at the sky and hoping that it hits something, you know that the projectile has been launched, but you're unsure of it reached any targets.

During May of 2017 CNN ratings were at 1.12 million total viewers, and around 399,000 of those were on the target demographic of the ages of 25 to 54.

This year, in a contrasting difference, CNN has a total of 859,000 viewers for the first week of May, and only 286,000 of those being in the same target demographic, as reported by<a href=""> AdWeek’s TVNewser ratings</a>.

In comparison, other news outlets such as Fox News have seen steady increases, with a whopping 2.35 million total viewers in May of 2018 compared to 2.24 million in May of 2017, suggesting that the people of this country are fed up all together with the impartial Anti-Trump reporting from leftist propaganda outlet CNN.

That's a 5% increase for Fox News in total viewers, although their target demographic has slightly declined due to some of their own biased reporting from the likes of Shepard Smith, bringing the target demographics to 448,000 viewers this year down from 453,000 just last year.

Part of this is due to the much more pro-Trump coverage coming from online media outlets such as The Goldwater, The Gateway Pundit, The Conservative Treehouse, Daily Caller, Breitbart, True Pundit, and many other alternative and independent media outlets which have seen sharp increases in traffic based upon their heavy support of the Trump Administration’s victories and coverage of the scandals and stories that mainstream media outlets will not cover at any cost.

Pedophile arrests, corruption from Democrats, sexual harassment and sexual assault claims against celebrities and politicians, ICE arrests of illegal aliens, Justice Department prosecutions of FBI Agents and white-collar corruption, child pornography stings, among other topics still to this day receive little to no coverage from the large outlets.

In comparison, MSNBC has also seen an increase in viewers, up 4% from 1.69 million last year to 1.75 million this year in the month of May, but suffered a devastating 16% loss in the target demographics from 417,000 to 352,000 this year.

This is basically MSNBC still <i>doubling</i> CNN and Fox News <i>tripling</i> CNN on television. Those are incredibly telling numbers, as the “dinosaur” and legacy media continues to decline especially among the larger CNN network which once was considered the only name in cable news.

The “Mockingbird” media of CNN continues to run outright shameful attacks, such as the occurrence earlier this year where CNN reporter Drew Griffin went to Florida, on camera, to harass an elderly female Trump supporter who runs a pro-Trump Facebook page.

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The Goldwater<a href=""> reported this story in February</a>, where one of the most disgusting attacks against an elderly woman to ever be televised was broadcast by CNN.

MSNBC also runs nonstop propaganda and smears, but most of what they report is simple race baiting and rhetoric, compared to the disturbing footage of CNN targeting American taxpayers for their differences of opinion in an effort to shame them.

The ratings will continue to drop for CNN's anchors as the American people continue to witness such horrific reporting.

MSNBC could be on a pathway to losing similar key demographic viewers by their desire to run irrelevant stories about the likes of Stormy Daniels, a porn star who recently has been<a href=""> discovered to have admitted to possibly joining a cult</a>, that has little relevance to do with the Trump Administration or their policies for America.

Instead of providing their heavily-liberal viewership a legitimate alternative to the policies and countless victories of President Trump, the likes of CNN and MSNBC continue to resort to personal attacks and identity politics, none of which represent the American people's freedoms or daily lives.

As Americans witness more money in their paychecks, increased cash in their wallets, and the additional savings in their bank accounts, it's hard to argue against President Trump who's plan to “Make America Great Again” has seemingly worked, but with efficiency and urgency.

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Dawn Ford No. 25678 2018-05-11 : 00:10

Justice will Serve

Sam cheneey No. 25718 2018-05-11 : 09:20

Cnn is dead long live info wars ..

Anonymous No. 25771 2018-05-11 : 23:16

lol, sam

Anonymous No. 25772 2018-05-11 : 23:21


Anonymous No. 25682 2018-06-09 : 18:26

Why are people watching msnbc same damn thing as fake news cnn? Wake up people! We need to put all these fake news terrorist organizations out of business, they are against America just like Tokyo Rose was in ww2. Their actually worse!

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