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5-year-old Colorado Girl attacked, Severely Injured By Black Bear (Video)

MESA COUNTY, Colo. – Authorities in Grand Junction are tracking a bear that attacked a 5-year-old girl outside her home early Sunday morning, CBS Denver reported.

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The little girl had wandered outside at 2:30 a.m. Sunday to "investigate noises in the yard she may have thought was her dog," a news release from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) stated.

The girl's mother heard a commotion, went outside to investigate and saw a large black bear dragging her daughter.

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The mom screamed and the bear dropped the girl, who suffered serious injuries. She's being treated at a local hospital.

The CPW is requesting the public's help in finding the animal.

"Residents are asked to secure trash, keep pet food inside and immediately report any bear sightings in this neighborhood, or any residential area," the organization said.

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Bob No. 25966 2018-05-13 : 22:55

Bless her and her family

D No. 25970 2018-05-13 : 23:18

Another time a gun would've come in handy.

Anonymous No. 25971 2018-05-14 : 00:17

Major, I couldn't help but notice how many grammatical mistakes and typographical errors there have been on The Goldwater ever since that day you told me that "it's pretty much impossible for the reporters at the Goldwater to misspell things considering they all use Grammarly, the same software used by real news organizations'…

Apparently, Grammarly isn't working very well lately…

Your 'journalists' have been in rare form lately, not knowing the difference between 'singular or plural', present tense or past tense, and having difficulty constructing a simple sentence in a coherent fashion.

……. I think you should get your money back for the Grammarly software……

Regina Alexander No. 25974 2018-05-14 : 00:42

What was a 5 year old doing up at that hour? I hope she makes it through without any permanent injury.

This has nothing to do with the article, but has everything to do with a rude comment made by someone calling themself anonymous. If you don't like the journalists grammar at the Goldwater, then don't read & don't comment. I find nothing grammatically incorrect & someone with class would DM the author to point it out, & not go into full snowfakeism here in the comment section.

Excellent article Lexy…as usual.

Anonymous No. 25982 2018-05-14 : 01:27

Don't people have the sense to make sure there children cannot get up and leave the house in the middle of the night. She could have easily had a murdering pedophile in her house! Secure your house and especially your children!

Mona No. 25986 2018-05-14 : 01:50

Living in an area populated by both black & brown bears , we have known for a long time that black bears can be very aggresive a a 5 yr old a perfect target for these large predators. Prayers for this little one and her family that are suffering from this trauma.

Also to the person who left the comment with no name-I hope you aren’t blaming the writer of articles for people like myself commenting-I’m wrting to comment-not to have my grammar checked- and not for your benefit.

Anonymous No. 25987 2018-05-14 : 01:52

In an area with only brown bears, I am really curious about how much damage those dog-sized black bears can do.

SandyLee No. 26100 2018-05-15 : 05:01

Pit Bulls are much smaller than any black bear and kills humans. Not sure why anybody would question a black bear's ability to do same.

In comparison, my Great Dane weighs 160+ pounds, which is more than I weigh, and if she were a wild animal, there's no question that I'd be dead meat if she'd so choose.

I hope the little girl recovers, but I can't fathom the trauma it caused her. So sad.

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