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Colombia - Clever Dog ‘Buys’ Cookies Every Day With Leaves as ‘Payment’

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Dogs are clever animals and can be very observant of human beings, that some can even “imitate” people’s ways. One black labrador seeing how humans get treats and food by paying bills probably thought he could do the same, but since he does not have the money for it, the dog figured he could substitute paper bills with what is accessible to him- leaves. Guess what, he is getting away with it -obtaining treats from a store simply by “paying”, one leaf at a time.

The black lab lives at the Diversified Technical Education Institute of Monterrey Casanare, in Colombia. After observing people, especially children paying for their food and treats, the smart dog imitated the move and ripped a leaf from a nearby tree. The canine then held the leaf by its teeth then took it into the shop and presented it at the counter.

The owners were amazed by the lab’s act- and they knew instantly what he was up to, what he wanted. Teacher Angela Garcia Bernal told the dog site The Dodo: “One day, spontaneously, he appeared with a leaf in his mouth , wagging his tail and letting it be known that he wanted a cookie.”

Students used to buy the lab cookies but it seems that the independent and intelligent dog would not want to rely too much on “charity” and would like to take matters in his own hands- or paws.

Now, it has become the lab’s daily practice to pay for his treats and cookies with a leaf.

Clever as he is, the lab wanted lots of treats a day and why not, he has unlimited supply of leaves to pull out anyway and deliver to the store as “payment.” But as much as the staff want to indulge the endearing lab, the store managers have decided to set a limit. He can only be given two snacks a day. Well, not bad at all for a dog as smart and charming as he is.


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Anonymous No. 26020 2018-05-14 : 10:11

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