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South Africa - White Farmers Arming Themselves: “It’s Kill Or Be Killed” (Video)

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The UK television channel ITV showed a provocative documentary yesterday evening reporting on the current plight of the white farmers in South Africa who are facing land expropriation, a falling currency and rising crime rates.

As more and more of them see their farms being taken over (with or without help from the South African government) and their homes get broken into, many are arming themselves and enlist for group training camps.

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After the issue already exploded in Australian media two months ago ( reported on it much earlier than that), it now seems Britain is about to get involved as well.

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British TV Investigators of ITV came over to Mzansi just after the South African Parliament had announced that the ANC would pursue land expropriation without compensation (a move which has left many in South Africa divided).

Ms Tanya Wagener speaks up in the documentary as she was a recent victim of a robbery at her farmland property, which was even filmed by her own security cameras.

She spoke to the filmmakers about how the incident had completely changed her view about life in South Africa.

“When you leave home, you can feel the animosity. If you walk down the street, it feels like your skin colour depicts who you are and not your soul.”

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Ms Wagener got emotional when speaking about the robbery in her own house which is shown in the documentary: “the one guy clocked the gun and put it to my head. I immediately made the decision I would rather die now, head shot, than let any of them take advantage of me.”

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“I’m at this point because I now have a little girl who is two-years-old. Me and my husband are left with two choices: We either stay here or emigrate. They are the only two choices we have.”

When the documentary maker asked Ms Wagener if she felt like it is a case of “kill or be killed” in South Africa right now, she replied with a comprehensive “yes”.


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Vic G. No. 26138 2018-05-15 : 14:12

This is the evolution the left have been lusting after for many decades And this is also the socialism they have been lusting after for decades… they call it equality not anarchy, not genocide those names are the things others do… this is deserved this appropriate, this is socialism rising… but so little do they know, babes in the woods, so amazing how many people will seek to believe in fairies and fantazies… all of which have been tried before and failed, lost with the only think to show for it all was rivers of blood ..

Odin No. 26154 2018-05-15 : 15:20

Good for them. Arm up, It is sad that because they are white, nobody cares. PC has gone so far off the deep end.

Anonymous No. 26156 2018-05-15 : 15:35

Stand and fight!!!! This happening is outrageous to think of, I hope sanity prevails and the animals get put in their place!

Could you imagine this story with the skin colors flipped? There would be 24/7 coverage of the evil whites trampling the blacks rights! This shit needs to end now!!!!!!!!!!

Archaea No. 26527 2018-05-19 : 17:31

When SA breaks into race war it wil not be contained in that country. The international hard left will seize the opportunity to push their agenda world wide and the conflict will likly expand. This is what the communists always wanted: class stuggle as an opportunity for thier violent revolution. The oppressors vs oppressesd race war narrative that has been pushed is just a new version of the old plan. Communists have always used lists to catalog people they want to murder to institute thier tyranny. This has been demonstrated again and again in history. Antifa has reportedly compiled sich lists for the same purpose in the west. When the flag flies they will be comming for all of us, if we are ready then we can shut them down in their tracks, if they catch all or a sizable portion of us by suprise then we will be in for a long difficult fight to retain our liberties.

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