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Latest Trend: Using Police As A Weapon (Video)

A disturbing new trend seems to be in the making as more and more 911 calls are being investigated. People have been calling upon emergency services of 911 for minuscule, nonissues for decades, but lately, it seems people have been calling police as a means of getting back at someone they don't like. Whether it's "swatting", the terrifying internet trend where people report false crimes to incite a violent police response at an unknowing third party's home, or calling the police over something that doesn't constitute a crime, which is what a man in Memphis says happened to him.

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Michael Hayes is a real estate investor who recorded an encounter with a grumpy neighbor who tried to have him arrested for doing his job. Hays uploaded the May 5 incident to his YouTube. In the video, Hayes explains that he is a real estate investor who is there to take photos of a house he has a contract on. When he removed a board from the front of the vacant house, a neighbor came outside and asked him what he was doing. He explained to her that he had a contract on the house and was there to inspect it.

Hayes also showed the woman his business sign which he places in the yards of vacant properties so that people know he is there. The woman continued to yell at him and told him he "had no right to be there." The woman also lied and said she knew the owner and he didn't want anyone in the house, but Hayes showed her a written statement from the owner allowing him to enter the home.

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When the police arrived, the woman continued to insult him while Hayes explained to the officer who he was and why he was there. He showed the officers his paperwork giving him permission to be in the house and his business card. The woman even insulted the police saying they weren't doing their jobs. One officer said, "You keep the camera rolling. If you have any problems with her, what I want you to do is call me back over here."

Hayes responds, "I’ll call you as soon as I have a problem!" The officers also told the woman, "I don’t care if you’re friends with the president. You’re going to let him do what he’s going to do. If you try to do anything to stop him, I’m going to take you to jail." Hayes then told the police officers he felt uncomfortable staying at the property by himself, so the officers agreed to stay while he finished his work. Hayes thanked them for helping and sticking up for him. "Understand what's going on now in America with people calling the police on people for no reason," Hayes said. "I understand that could have went completely different way. When they came out there they made me feel safe."

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Anonymous No. 26231 2018-05-16 : 09:52

OK a mean little old woman.

Nothing new here….

Anonymous No. 26261 2018-05-16 : 15:49

Believe it or not, that is what police are supposed to do. I served in a town of 25,000 people most police work was investigating mysterious situations and traffic stops. Not all police shoot 350 times in an hour like Danny Reagan on TV. Most never fire a weapon in the line of duty in their whole career. I don't know why she called after she confronted him but I do that I and many other people are more afraid of how people will respond to a confrontation than we were a generation ago.

Nos No. 26321 2018-05-17 : 12:54

Understand what's going on now in America with people calling the police on people for no reason,


She had a valid reason to be concerned about someone tryong to enter a vacant house. "See something, say something". She was right to call the police, although some of her remarks were questiona ble.

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