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Mexico Filing Complaint with State Department Over Trump's MS-13 "Animals" Comment

The nation of Mexico has wasted no time in their efforts to virtue signal over comments made by President Trump against MS-13 gang members, despite the accuracy of the statements in referring to those who rape, kidnap, and murder Americans as “animals.”

Foreign Secretary of Mexico Luis Videgaray has issued a statement on Thursday morning proclaiming that the comment from President Trump towards the MS-13 gang members is “absolutely unacceptable,” in part due to the ‘fake news’ media trying to imply that the President was referring to all Mexicans or Hispanics in general when he lashed out against the bloodthirsty gangs and cartels that threaten America.

These are the types of dangers in which the fake news perpetuates, by pushing a narrative of misleading the public, which Mexico now states its filing a formal complaint with the State Department as a result.

President Trump has no choice but to laugh at the audacity of Mexico’s fictitious anger, consider over the past two year alone there have been instances of federal criminal illegal aliens<a href=""> kidnapping children in a child porn ring</a>, other<a href=""> illegal aliens molesting children</a>, illegals aliens<a href=""> murdering elderly Americans in cold blood </a>, and even one specific incident that involved<a href=""> MS-13 stabbing a victim over 100 times </a>in Maryland before decapitation and cutting out their heart.

Yes, these are animals. No, President Trump isn't wrong.

“President Trump referred to some immigrants, perhaps he had criminal gangs in mind, I don’t know, as animals, not as people,” Videgaray said to Mexican channel Televisa during an interview.

First, for Videgaray to call these <i>animals</i> immigrants, we the people of the United States of America are offended. These are criminals. They violate the law the minute they cross our border illegally.

As for the animals who commenced to commit some of the atrocities above, we demand an apology for this Mexican government official wrongfully labeling them as <i>immigrants<i>.

You could go one step further and argue that these animals aren't even human to be able to engage in such barbaric and perverse behavior in the first place.

“In the opinion of the Mexican government this is absolutely unacceptable, and we are going to formally communicate this to the U.S. State Department today,” Mexico Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray argued while ignoring the countless crimes of illegal aliens such as the ones we've specified above.

There are hundreds if not thousands of similar cases as well, so anyone suggesting that by naming those specific events that we are somehow engaged in<i>cherry picking</i> of the data should quickly silence themselves before we present and review several hundred equally disturbing cases of illegal aliens and MS-13 engaged in this disturbing behavior.

Americans aren't stupid, including the Democrats, who try to use intentional ignorance to avoid calling out the legitimate threats that illegal aliens pose to our citizens.

Videgaray would later reiterate the same dispute on a Mexican radio station, attempting to smear the President of the United States of America.

“These comments were serious and unacceptable for the Mexican government,” Videgaray said. “To say that a person is not a person implies that the government does not feel obliged to respect their human rights.”

Where's the respect for the human rights of American citizens, and our federal immigration laws? Did MS-13 and the illegal aliens who have butchered our citizens and even raped American women, as well as molested American children, show any obligation to respect their human rights?

Videgaray, fortunately, doesn't have any opinion which matters to Americans outside of the liberal media and Democrats, both of whom already despise our country and continue to disrespect it.

President Trump made his statements during a meeting with California officials who are backing the DOJ is suing the state, and Democrats, as well as the media, are terrified that President Trump may turn their Democratic stronghold on the west coast red.

That's what this is all about, and why they're trying to smear him before voters. Make no mistake. That's the Democrats <i>one acquired skill</i>, making propagandized headlines against the President of the United States of America since they offer zero solutions to help our country.

This comes amidst negotiations to finalize a new North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in which President Trump is currently speaking with both Mexico and Canada to try and reformulate the original deal.

The Speaker of House, Paul Ryan, had a set a previous deadline for today in which all parties involved had to agree.

With this tension from the media and the left, they could unintentionally cause the deal to collapse, which would benefit the President and Americans more than anyone else, forcing both Canada and Mexico to later have to take whatever deal President Trump offers.

That <i>might have been the plan</i> all along, dependant upon who you ask.

For now, Videgaray says he's filing a complaint with the State Department over the comments, which is going to result in absolutely nothing in the first place.

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6 Comment/s
Dawn Ford No. 26364 2018-05-17 : 21:53

He meant no insult to animals. Simply put, people who give bad drugs to children are savages.

Jollee No. 26365 2018-05-17 : 23:00

Let him do what he wants too, because attention needs to be called to the MS-13 Animals, and many of them as documented are Illegal Immigrants coming in our country and committing Barbaric Atrocities! Keep a leash on MS-13 Animals Mexico, we don't want them here! Send only your Good and Best Mexican Citizens to Immigrate here legally, we welcome them!

Anonymous No. 26375 2018-05-18 : 00:39

Are you kidding Mexico? Have you ever seen the video of the gang members cutting the head off of the police officer in front of his young son and then cutting his son's beating heart out while he is still conscious? I'm sorry, but Trump is right, not all people are humans, some people are animals and MS13 is a perfect example

Mona No. 26383 2018-05-18 : 02:05

If Mexico is so enamored with this group then why don’t they offer them some incentive for them to STAY in Mexico, instead of spending money on a group obviously leaving your country. Why defend a group who wants nothing to do with you?

Or, are you defending them because YOU want the “animals” out of YOUR country?

Anonymous No. 26387 2018-05-18 : 02:57

Send Mexico a Bag of Dog food for the MS-13 gang that they are scarfed of, given the 100's of murders they do a year.

David No. 26495 2018-05-19 : 09:12

I just can't believe with all the proven fake news, this person had a complaint, before he even verified the news report.If he would have done this he wouldn't look as dumb because he wouldn't have made the complaint.

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