By: Savannah Smith | 05-20-2018 | News
Photo credit: Fox 29

Philly - Responders Rescue Boy, 3, Who Fell Into 10-Foot Manure Pit

A 3-year-old boy fell into a six-to 10-foot manure pit inside a large barn on a farm near Philadelphia on Saturday. Emergency responders were dispatched to the scene to rescue the scared boy.

The rescuers were sent to the Honey Brook Township Farm at around 6:30 p.m. Fire crews attempted to get in to assist in the efforts but they quickly became stuck.

Two rescuers with rope harnesses worked their way to get inside, and after building a plywood platform were able to move through the pit to get to the very frightened boy.

After a successful rescue, the boy was brought to Ephrata Community Hospital for treatment. He was alert when he was removed from the pit but was crying. He was placed on a stretcher on the way to the hospital. The victim did sustain minor injuries.

Authorities also said that decontaminating rescue personnel and the equipment they used took considerable time.

It is not clear how the boy fell into the manure pit and if he were with or without adult supervision at that time.

The Chester County Rescue Task Force posted a report about the incident on their Facebook page. The post received many reactions and replies from social media users, most of them thanking the rescuers for their efforts in saving the 3-year-old kid. Other gave witty comments but were pretty relieved that the child was able to get out of the “shitty” situation.

One commenter also used the case to illustrate the importance of rescue teams, especially the fire department with one saying: “This is why you should support your local fire department!! Remember to get out of their way!! They could be on the way to your house!!!


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I guess you could say he was in some deep shit

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