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South Texas - Semi-Trailer with 88 Illegal Aliens Inside Busted by State Highway Patrol

A major bust of illegal aliens has occurred in South Texas where a stunning 88 of the would-be federal criminals were found stuffed inside of a semi truck's tractor-trailer near Raymondville in the Rio Grande Valley on Tuesday night.

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According to a report from the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Texas State Highway Patrol pulled over the semi during a routine traffic stop in the northbound lane of Highway 77 after cargo from the vehicle was seen by a trooper hanging out of the back of the trailer.

This raised the suspicions of the State Highway Patrol, who then called in routine back-up to examine the vehicle as it passed through the limits of Raymondville.

Upon an attempt to search the trailer, illegal aliens began to jump out of the back entryway and escape the scene.

Officers pursued those who tried to flee and later arrested them for fleeing and eluding law enforcement.

In total, police say that 88 illegal aliens were found inside the tractor-trailer, and now the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency will begin to investigate the destination in which the semi was headed as well as its point of origin, to determine whether this was a human smuggling effort or connected to a cartel transport.

Oftentimes, “Coyote,” a Mexican-smuggling operation which illegal aliens pay the “coyotes” a fee to guide them across the border, will use similar services to transport illegal aliens to a predetermined destination.

Those fees are normally collected once the migrant arrives in a predetermined destination— typically in border cities across California, Texas, and Arizona, where they will then provided fictitious and fraudulent identities including but not limited to driver's licenses and social security numbers.

In recent years, the proportion of illegal aliens hiring these types of human smugglers—"coyotes", also known as "polleros",—has increased drastically as a result of intensified surveillance along the border, where owner-operators of tractor-trailers will take bribes to transport the illegals en masse.

Any of the 88 suspects arrested who have been previously deported will be charged with illegal re-entry, a federal crime that the Department of Justice under Attorney General Jeff Sessions continues to prosecute at record numbers, that if convicted could bring up to a twenty-year prison sentence against those illegals.

While it's an ongoing investigation as of this time, it's also very possible that the Mexican drug cartels could be behind this transport, whereas they'll force illegals to ingest or package narcotics inside their bodies to travel to the predetermined destinations during the transport.

Typically, large numbers of illegal aliens such as this particular bust who are arrested are sent to an ICE outpost facility where they're interrogated and subjected to x-ray examinations to ensure they're not carrying narcotics.

There is no released identity of the driver of the semi as of this time, but there is little doubt that those responsible will also be charged for aiding and abetting human-smuggling across international borders.

What's most concerning about this particular bust is the fact that this semi was able to cross the border illicitly and make it inside of the United States of America without being stopped.

It begs to question if proper screening measures for tractor-trailers are being enforced on our borders, with no doubt this particular semi having made it across without issues.

There's also the possibility that the illegal aliens inside of the tractor-trailer crossed the border on foot and were later corralled into the trailer somewhere in South Texas.

We will update this story with any additional information as it's provided but would like to issue a thank you to the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Highway Patrol for this brilliant traffic stop, certainly ensuring that these illegal aliens will no longer pose a threat to Americans.

We must increase our border security, and this is one of many similar cases that can be used as a reference for arguing the need for additional funding.

Every vehicle which crosses into or out of the United States of America should be subject to modern-technology such as x-ray and infrared scans of the vehicle and its contents, and every border crossing should be equipped with this technology.

It's very possible to completely halt all illegal immigration into America using such technology as well as reinforcing the Southern border with Mexico using President Trump's proposed border wall.

It's long overdue for Congress to act on this issue, which is what the President of the United States of America campaigned upon, and the citizens of this country overwhelming voted in favor of.

Build the wall. Deport them all.

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Lance No. 26926 2018-05-23 : 17:26

We need the wall and modern Technology. All of these illegal Aliens should go to prison then deported. Mexico should be charged for the money spent by Taxpayers.

Anonymous No. 26930 2018-05-23 : 18:31

Frickin bounties is what we need.

Purple No. 26934 2018-05-23 : 18:55

We should keep them in FEMA camps until we can get them out of the US…thank you to the police officers that found them. Send them back!

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