By: Kyle James | 05-25-2018 | News
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Illinois - Restaurants Run By Illegal Immigrants Forced To Close After ICE Raids

A series of ICE raids have forced some restaurants to close this week after nearly all of the staff was led away in handcuffs by ICE agents. The businesses located in west suburban St. Charles say there was not enough staff left after the surprise raids by immigration enforcement.

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The move has led some immigration activists to criticize the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and has tried telling the government agency to back off. The activists say the raids are hurting families and businesses, but what about how companies run almost entirely by illegals hurts local families and economies?

Erick Diaz, an employee of a business in St. Charles said, "Well I was working at my restaurant, typical day, normal day. And we just start seeing undercover cars come in." Diaz was working in a restaurant in downtown St. Charles Tuesday night when armed ICE agents entered the establishment carrying a photo of a man they said they were looking for. The agents demanded to talk to the kitchen staff.

"They didn't have no warrant. We told them they can't go in, because obviously no warrant," Diaz said. Other businesses allowed the agents in such as one restaurant called "Francesca's" where ICE agents took six workers from the kitchen into custody for being undocumented.

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Wednesday night, several more restaurants were forced to close or offer partial menus after remaining workers bolted upon hearing of the raids. "My restaurant actually closed early because, like I said, all our kitchen guys were afraid to come in cause the ICE guys were coming around. Obviously, you don't want to risk it," Diaz said.

A statement from ICE said, "ICE officers are out in the community every day conducting targeted arrests. While looking for those specific individuals, ICE officers sometimes encounter others who are also in violation of U.S. immigration laws."

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vic No. 27096 2018-05-25 : 18:23

It is absolute nonsense that any business hires illegals that are breaking Federal on God knows how many other laws including buying fake Social Security numbers. I say prosecute the businesses that do this.

Anonymous No. 27097 2018-05-25 : 18:28

Why do we defend people who are here illegally …how many american jobs have these people taken over the years…its the businesses own fault, they were breaking the law as well…but the media defends this very thing

Anonymous No. 27105 2018-05-25 : 19:44

The problem is that legals don't want to work these jobs. Kids these days want $20 hour to do work. Wake up America all restaurants would be closed with out these illegals. They do jobs that no white or black kids want to do. They are not taking away any jobs from american workers.

VLB No. 27155 2018-05-26 : 13:05

The bottom line is there is a legal way to work in this country. If you want to be a part of it, be a part of the solution and not the problem. If you are illegal, ways of doing things. If an American went to a foreign country and tried some of the things illegals do in America, we would be jailed. Yes, prosecute because if we don't we are setting an example of it's okay to break the law and we will support you even though you are breaking the law. We will give you money, a place to stay, food and the list goes on, while hard working men and women along with our seniors are struggling to make it. Finally, if your company has hired illegals, shut it down, I don't care how many. WRONG IS WRONG…PROSECUTE. Oh and by the way, Americans are working in kitchens and doing the jobs that no one wants to do.. I know because I work in the industry.

Jollee No. 27483 2018-05-29 : 17:32

And what do these illegal entries ie "kitchen staff " do when it's time to show that they have no communicable disease like Hepatitis and or other contagious modalities? These people are hiring illegal people to EXPLOIT both the system and the people here illegally, so that they have an edge on the competition and they can get away with paying them below minimum wage… It has to STOP! Its dangerous to the Community and also unfair to their competition and they know this, the owners are just CROOKS and they could care less about communicable diseases as well!

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