By: Savannah Smith | 05-28-2018 | News
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UK- Woman Arrested for Asking Why Muslims Are Being Allowed to Break the Law

A British woman was only speaking her mind, asking curious questions and interested in having a passionate yet respectful discussion with the Metropolitan Police, not to mention exercising her supposedly constitutionally-guaranteed right to free speech. In a strange twist, she was arrested for no apparent violation of the law, or with justifiable cause. Only because she dared ask something that’s also playing in the minds of many but could not quite openly ask because it’s not “politically-correct” to do so- “Why are Muslims allowed to break the law in the U.K. while British citizens will be arrested if they commit the same offenses?”

The British woman was asking the police why they are allowing Muslims to conduct group prayer in a public park illegally. The police did not even lift a finger or say anything to stop the group, prompting the woman to ask if there’s a separate, different rule for Muslims, and another set for everyone else.

The woman prepared for her confrontation with the police and secretly recorded the encounter as she threw questions at the officers, without getting credible and adequate responses.

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Large groups of Muslims have been conducting public prayers in London’s Royal Park, a glaring violation of the law that prohibits “collective acts of worship or other religious observances in the TRP estate, either in their own right or as part of a demonstration, event or other activity.”

The police are turning a blind eye to the violation, presumably because Muslims are considered a minority in the U.K., and it would appear politically incorrect to be “hostile” to them even if they only need to enforce the law.

The police officers confronted by the woman even lied about the existence of the law. When the woman persisted- and since she knows her stuff and came truly prepared-even read the exact text of the law, the officers were forced to admit that “they have orders from above not to enforce the law against Muslims.”

The British woman sure had guts not just to confront the police with questions that needed to be asked, but more so to withstand the hostilities coming from some of the Muslims in the area. At one point, she was even surrounded by aggressive Muslims pointing their fingers in her face and angrily shouting at her. She simply refused to back down.

The most surprising thing came days later, as shown in the footage the woman recorded- the police came to her apartment demanding entry to her place. She asked what they wanted from her but they wouldn’t answer. When the woman finally relented and allowed the police inside, they wasted no time and arrested her. They did not show any warrant of arrest, neither did they even explain why she is being arrested.

If it has something to do with asking the “Muslim question that should never be asked” because it’s better to pretend to be politically-correct and shut up, the answer is obvious.


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Anonymous No. 27389 2018-05-28 : 18:16

I think it's time for the UK to have their own revolution! They need to get rid of the Queen, that's just a joke and get rid of their PM and all the corrupt politicians they have! God protect that poor woman.

Joe No. 27397 2018-05-28 : 18:57

Brits brought it on theirselves they have the same problem with immagration as we do! Diff is theirs is myslim! Brits betyer pull their heads out or rbeyll be under sharia law before they know it. Our pro lem isnt the hispanic coming in its the ones we dont know where tbeir from! Hispanics culture and work ethic and family lufe are quite similar ti ours they can assimulate muslims dont want to assimulate they want it all! Theirs is a religous drive from m8sguided interpations and beliefs! Wr better get a grip and build the wall and find a way for those here to become citizens! Oh yeah abd stop the 💩out of political correctness! Manners is one thing but stupidity can be contagious to the weak minded!

Anonymous No. 27407 2018-05-28 : 21:08

Never answer the door to police.

angry man No. 27420 2018-05-29 : 00:41

too bad Hitler lost WWII. he'd have NONE of this.

Anonymous No. 27469 2018-05-29 : 15:01

This is what the libs want! Either fall into line with their agenda and keep your opinions to yourself or get silenced.

As far as the UK having a "revolution", never going to happen as that ship sailed long ago.

They have no way to be vocal about the cause or they will end up in the poky and no way to defend themselves besides sticks and stones. If they start throwing stones or swinging sticks those items will be banned like firearms and knives are.

At the end of the day the UK will become the new caliphate for the islamic state.

That's what selling your children's future with political correctness will get you. A hell on earth!

Maybe the US will start getting euro immigrants that have skills and can support themselves once the whites and Christians start fleeing?

Ward Kendall No. 27500 2018-05-30 : 00:48

A very disturbing video.

Surak No. 27547 2018-05-30 : 13:09

@angry man "Too bad Hitler lost"? Really? The n@zis were allied with the Muslims. Smarten up!

zooner No. 27653 2018-05-31 : 19:54

What a democratic and free country…

Anonymous No. 27743 2018-06-02 : 01:58


That may be so, but you should improve your understanding of the historic circumstances. You are very naive if you think the status quo regarding the Muslim question hasn't changed for the worse since that time.

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