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California - Man Who Raped Two Women At Gunpoint Sentenced To 186 Years In Prison

26-year-old Jeremiah Ira Williams was convicted May 1 of forcible rape, sexual penetration by force, forcible oral copulation, burglary and making a criminal threat. The charges stem from two consecutive nights in 2016 when Williams raped two women at gunpoint in San Diego. Tuesday, Williams was sentenced to 100 years to life plus 86 years in state prison.

Deputy District Attorney Trisha Amador told jurors about how Williams followed the first victim from a parking garage to her University City apartment around 10 p.m. August 13, 2016. Williams then asked her, "Where's your husband?" as he approached her. Before the victim could unlock her front door she was pushed to the ground, choked, and robbed at gunpoint. Amador told jurors of how the victim thought she was going to die. Williams then brought the victim into the apartment, beat her bloody before raping her, and then forced her to take a shower.

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The following day, Williams met with a woman working as a prostitute at Grantville motel before beating and raping her. "Do you want to know what it feels like to die?" he said before choking her until "she saw stars". The woman was so terrified she broke a window and jumped out to get away from him but did not initially go to the police because of her profession and a criminal record.

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Deputy Public Defender Thomas Bahr who is representing Williams told the jury that a police detective who had a feeling the two sexual assaults might be connected jumped to conclusions to solve the first attack. Bahr also told jurors of how the second victim lied throughout the investigation and her story had many inconsistencies such as denying that she was raped to a doctor but telling a detective that she was raped. He also pointed out that the initial victim couldn't assist police in making a composite sketch of the man who assaulted her.

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Stop calling EFFING POS "man or men No. 27519 2018-05-30 : 05:46

The media need to stop calling a PO S like this a man. He is not a man I'm a man and I don't act like he does. So why should he be considered a man when he doesn't act like I do. I'm not a tough guy or a keyboard Warrior but he would have been Eliminated had n e of the victims been related to me.

Anonymous No. 27539 2018-05-30 : 10:41

It seems the Media found an MANimal but can't bring itself to say so.

Question: Why doesn't state just allow these 100 year w/o parole convicts to have the option of a Quick Requested Death Sentence?

Because at 26 years old this MANimal will likely live another 40 years.

40x365x$158+ a day to house guard and feed and treat = at a cost of over $2,306,800+ to the taxpayers.

Jeffrey Allen No. 27784 2018-06-02 : 12:29

I have an answer for the man who wonders about the cost to taxpayers. They don't have cojones to castrate the man and make him pee through a tube.

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