By: Steve Dellar | 05-30-2018 | News
Photo credit: Globo Brasil

Brazil - Huge Hotel Fire Causes Guests To Escape Via Balcony (Video)

An all-engulfing fire broke out at a four-star hotel in the northern town of Teresina in Brazil yesterday evening. As flames and smoke took over the huge building and automatic ladders from fire trucks could not reach the highest floors, guests could be seen desperately trying to escape the flames as they climbed over the balconies to escape.

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At least one man could be seen climbing out of his bedroom in a desperate bid to try and escape the approaching danger, as another guest held onto the wall on the top floor. Later the two men climbed down to a nearby floor as the flames got ever closer.

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An unidentified woman could be seen using a rope she had made from her bed sheets to lower herself from one of the upper floors to the third floor.

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Colonel Drumond of the local fire department explained that his forces tried to contain the fire to the top floor of the hotel: “After we have managed to contain the fire, we will make an assessment of the structure of the hotel, because at the moment we are unable to do so because of the problem of visibility caused by smoke,"

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More than 30 firefighters were involved in the rescue operation at the Blue Tree Towers Rio Poty Hotel.

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Some five ambulances rushed to the site to give support and rescue the wounded. According to information obtained by a local newspaper, only two persons were wounded.


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