By: Red Pill | 05-30-2018 | News
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Ukraine Intelligence Hoaxed World, Staged Death of Russian Journalist Arkady Babchenko

There's disturbing news to report coming out of Ukraine - where the government has admitted to faking the death of Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko - and despite it sounding like a “conspiracy theory” this is being openly admitted by Ukrainian leaders.

Before we go any further, let's reinforce to our readers that this is a completely accurate and real story. This was widely reported via the mainstream media, and here's the CBS broadcast from today:

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Now, we have to ask ourselves a ton of questions surrounding this scenario. Despite the logic they're giving us for <i>staging a death,</i> the entire mainstream media including multiple governments said that Arkady Babchenko was murdered in Russia by Vladimir Putin loyalists. This was the claim.

Now, we're being told that this death was staged by Ukraine? This doesn't set off alarm bells for you? If they staged this death and even the media helped perpetuate a lie, how many other times has this happened? It has to be asked.

"I want to apologize to my wife for the hell that she has been through," said Babchenko during today's press conference. So, they faked this man's death and didn't even tell his own wife? Nobody finds this strange?

Babchenko was reported as having been assassinated inside Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and it was blamed on Russia.

The 41-year-old reporter apologized to friends and family, and the audience was in complete shock.

Law enforcement in Ukraine argues that the faked Babchenko death had to be staged in order to find those who wanted to kill him.

I argue that if the intelligence community is capable of doing this, that they're responsible for doing it on more than one occasion.

I also argue that if the media lied to the world about this assassination then we have a serious problem with the global media. If they were able to have knowledge of this, then why couldn't his wife?

There are so many plot holes here. Am I the only one who feels as if we're not getting the full story?

America, this isn't normal.

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