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California - Man Offers $1,000 Reward For Info On Cat-Killer

A cat owner in Lawndale, California who has lost one of his precious pets in shootings and saw another stranger cat suffering the same fate is determined to find out who’s responsible for the killings of the animals that he’s offering a $1,000 reward for anyone who can provide him with useful information to apprehend the culprit.

Allan Hall, who lives on 166th Street near Hawthrone Boulevard, was so enraged when a third cat turned up severely injured after the first two animals were mercilessly shot to death. Hall feels he has reasons to believe that the cats were being targeted with a high-profile pellet rifle.

Hall is a dedicated cat rescuer who has saved many felines over the years. The seal was his beloved of them all with whom he had an instant connection with. He used to bring the midnight-black cat with him everywhere. Seal tragically happened to be the first cat victimized by the shootings.

Hall is expectedly enraged by the apparent deliberate shootings targeting cats. He said: “These cats are like kids to me, and it was devastating to me to have my kids killed deliberately. I mean it’s one thing for them to be hit by a car-that happens- but for somebody to buy a pellet gun, a small-game rifle with a scope, and take aim and deliberately shoot one of my pets…”

The pet owner, cat rescuer, and lover then issued a warning: “If I catch you, I’m taking the gun from you, and going to show you what it feels like.”

Hall was so heartbroken when he found his beloved pet and friend Seal dead. The cat was shot by someone while he was playing outside of his home. In the cat’s last breathing moments, he crawled under Hall’s car and died.

A few weeks after Seal’s “murder”, Hall found an orange tabby cat in the same spot on his driveway that was also killed in the same manner as Seal.

The shootings continued. One of Hall’s cat, Tigger, went missing for four days. She turned up later with a shattered leg. An X-ray of the cat’s leg shows a bullet embedded in her that shattered her tiny bones.

Anyone with information is requested to email Hall at [email protected]


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Keep your Cats Indoors No. 27640 2018-05-31 : 15:32

This guy should be fined $1000 for every cat he lets roam the hood killing songbirds!

If someone wants a domestic cat it needs to be tied up when outside or better yet like our cat its an inside animal. Our cat is afraid of the outdoors and has just as much entertainment with just watching the birds from the windows.

Tip - If you have a cat that's always trying to get outside just let it out at the same time you pop a firecracker near its exit. Of course you will need to keep the door open during this as the cat will make a bee line for the door and if closed you may never see it again. LOL!!!

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