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Netflix Oops: Kate Middleton "Makeover" Has Royal Family Outraged

Netflix is under fire and is the subject of the royal family's rage after the always picture-perfect Duchess of Cambridge was featured in a rather unflattering way. Kate Middleton is the epitome of beauty and class, that is until her TV show The Royals was featured in the Netflix Documentary section above a documentary called Escorts.

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The outrage stems from the seemingly perfect way the two programs' thumbnails intersect. The thumbnail for The Royals show has an image of Kate Middleton kissing her new husband at their wedding but the photo cuts off at her waist. The Escorts documentary's thumbnail features a scantily clad tattooed woman holding a bottle of wine in either hand.

When the two thumbnails are displayed together it makes it seem like Kate Middleton's lower half is a naked party-girl. The odd combination was pointed out and posted online by a Reddit user named Big Miss steak who posted the image with the caption, "The risque side of Netflix."

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The line up seems to have occurred because both programmes come up under the documentaries category. It does appear to be an intentional placement but rather a bizarre coincidence that the photos line up nearly perfectly.

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Anonymous No. 27761 2018-06-02 : 08:54

What do you expect from NetFlix … look who they hire, and use now.

While I could care less about any Royal wedding.

The New Radically Liberalized Netflix has shown it wants to go low as whale crap and that is on the problem of the Ocean.

Jeffre Allen No. 27774 2018-06-02 : 11:46

Whale crap floats but the load that Netflix is attempting to begin unloading will sink them……. They are you know like a bag of hammers or a box of rocks. Oh right, I forgot the first part of that phrase, "Dumb as"

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