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UK – Thousands March In Manchester, Leeds For Tommy Robinson (Video)

Two days of marches by at least a thousand people in Manchester and Leeds were organized for the release of Tommy Robinson’s, who was arrested earlier this week (see our related coverage) and immediately sentenced earlier this week to 13 months imprisonment at Hull for contempt of court after filming himself outside a trial in Leeds Crown Court.

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Chants of ‘oh Tommy Tommy, Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Robinson’, ‘Tommy is a legend’ and ‘shame, shame, shame on you’ rang out as protesters carried placards demanding his release, but to no avail so far from any politician. An online petition to Ms May asking for his release has by now been signed by over half a million people.

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Others shouted "BBC BBC!" in protest, as the national television corporation continues to refuse any coverage of Mr Robinson’s arrest and imprisonment.

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Assistant Chief Constable Ms Angela Williams thanked local residents afterwards, as the marches caused them to block off several streets, though no one wished to comment on the case of Mr Robinson itself, which is still under a partial gag order in the UK.

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Ms Williams: ‘We want to thank residents for their co-operation during the protest this afternoon, which did cause some disruption for a short time. Officers deployed appropriate resources, including mounted units, to minimise that disruption as much as possible.”

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“Our policing operation was assisted by the way in which persons working and living in Leeds conducted themselves while officers policed what took place.”

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Pubs in Manchester city centre were warned beforehand to take extra security measures for the marches, which will be repeated next weekend.


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