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ICE Is Now Prosecuting Every Illegal And Housing Them In Prison After Federal Facilities Fill Up

The strict immigration policy of the Trump administration has led to the detention of so many illegals that federal holding facilities have filled up. The massive influx of illegals is the result of new ICE policy that requires federal prosecutors to criminally charge everybody caught entering the United States illegally. This means every illegal will face prosecution and will no longer be "caught and released" back over the border.

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One issue that the new policy has created is a lack of space for the extremely high number of illegals in America. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is now having to transfer 1,600 detainees to a single prison in California as a temporary measure until new facilities can be acquired. Union leaders at prisons in California, Texas, and Washington say the transfer has left them little time to prepare and could be a hazard when it comes to safety and staffing.

Previous administrations put first-time border crossers through civil deportation proceedings which essentially just put them back over the border without repercussions for illegally entering the country and violating federal law. Now, detainees will face criminal charges and will need to be housed during court proceedings. Usually, illegals are housed in ICE detention facilities or county jails but the massive amount of illegal immigration in the country have maxed out capacities at such facilities.

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A spokeswoman for ICE said the 1,600 detainees being transferred to prisons could be there for 120 days while the agency finds space in new detention facilities. Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum disagrees with the move saying, "Our federal prisons are set up to detain the worst of the worst. They should not be used for immigration purposes."

The federal immigration authorities putting their lives in jeopardy to protect the country have faced heavy criticism simply for doing their job and making America a safer place. Recently, the federal agency came under scrutiny after it emerged that hundreds of children were removed from their families but it is not as simple as opponents made the issue out to be. Federal agents cannot release minor detainees to parents until they can prove they are the child's legal guardian. If ICE was not strict about this policy, then children detainees could be released into the clutches of human traffickers, criminal gangs, or worse.

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