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Brazil - Newborn Baby Rescued After Being Buried Alive For Seven Hours (Video)

One of the most unspeakable and unimaginable crimes was inflicted upon an innocent newborn baby when her family tried to kill her by burying her alive. The girl was indigenous and rescued by Brazilian police in the Xingu National Park in the Mato Grosso state, the home of one of the largest country's tribes.

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Officers found the child naked and buried in sand with an umbilical cord still attached in the backyard of a residence in Canarana. The newborn was in a 50 cm pit and was only located after an anonymous tip. The girl's 57-year-old great-grandmother is the primary suspect in the case and has been charged with attempted murder. State prosecutor Paulo Roberto do Prado said, "We are investigating whether it was an attempted infanticide or if she thought the baby was dead."

The girl's family members are a part of the Kamayura tribe and reportedly told police the baby had hit her head on the floor shortly after she was birthed by her 15-year-old mother. The newborn's mother and family told investigators they thought the baby was dead after she was born "unresponsive." She was then buried in accordance with indigenous traditions.

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Police soon became suspicious of teenage mother's age and also because the so-father denied that the child was his. The newborn girl was rushed to neonatal intensive care at Boa Agua Hospital. She was diagnosed with hypothermia and respiratory problems. The newborn is now in the custody of the state and police have arrested both the baby's mother and great-grandmother.

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A similar case was reported in 2015 when Las Angeles Police officers found an abandoned infant buried alive under a chunk of asphalt. passersby were alerted to the baby when they heard cries as they drove by. The baby was rescued and is alive thanks to the citizen who called in the report and the officers who found the source of the cries.

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