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China - Doctor Pulls Live Leech Out Of Man's Nose That Lived There For Two Weeks (Video)

Brace yourself, this may be one of the hardest medical procedures to watch you'll ever see. A doctor in China had to extract a live leech from a 51-year-old man's nose in Neihair City.

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The patient came in complaining of a nosebleed which began sometime after he drank water from a stream. Doctors believe the leech crawled up the man's nose while he drank from the stream.

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Apparently, the man didn't feel anything wriggling around in his nose but at the same time, he didn't seem shocked when the doctor showed him what had just come out of his right nostril. The still wriggling leech looked to be at least 3-4" long and was alive and well.

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The man also reported he was working in Yunnan Province when he drank from the stream. His nose bled for more than 10 days after which led him to finally go to the hospital where the doctor discovered the leave and removed it with tweezers.

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