By: Steve Dellar | 06-10-2018 | News
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New Political Mavericks Continue Disrupting Worldwide Deep State

Mr Luigi Di Maio, Italy’s new deputy prime minister and leader of the anti-establishment party Five-Star-Movement, personified in his rage last week the feeling most on the political spectrum’s extreme who have never been served by any of the governing parties in many developed economies have felt for a long time. An anger at the controlled mechanisms of the deep state.

After President Mattarella refused to nominate the democratical majority government Mr Di Maio proposed, he exploded into a passionate argument and said: ‘In this country it doesn’t matter if you go vote, it is the ratings agencies and the banks that decide who holds power.’

For far too long now, the top 10 most developed economies have been ruled by long-established political parties who’s preferred candidate takes office after any other accepted predecessor steps down. In the US, everyone knows that Democrats and Republicans had foreseen a Bush-Clinton choice in November 2016. If democracy would have had its way, that would have been a Trump-Sanders choice, but within the Democrats, the Deep State is still far too powerful. Within the Republican party, however, the base decided it had had enough.

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This logic rules other countries as well. In the UK, you need an Eton background and either be a member of Labour or the Tories to be considered PM material. In France an education at the Sorbonne or being tied to either the Socialists or Les Républicains.

But all that has recently changed. The 2016 Brexit vote was a mere warning that a storm was brewing and that people had enough of what the mainstream media told them to do.

Political mavericks who cannot neatly be tied to any of the traditional parties and rule disguised as centrists have taken over government in the USA, France and Italy as of late.

Mexico will almost certainly swing far-left next month, as Spain did a week ago. Austria, Poland and Hungary are labelled by the conservative European press as having far-right governments.

These movements, which have taken place since 2015 in rapid progression are far too extreme to either side of the political spectrum too still be controlled by the powers that be. The deep state is grumbling. None of their countermeasures so far have worked.

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And thus, one can only foresee a movement against their preferred weapon of choice, the mainstream media, to grow in size as well.

With news outlets serving the ‘deplorables’ springing up all-over and alternatives for Facebook and Twitter being created as we speak, it seems that the storm clouds are indeed rumbling in the distance.

So I ask you, dear CNN and NYT, which domino will fall next?

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tab No. 28323 2018-06-10 : 14:16

humans are a scourge on planet earth.

Anonymous No. 28332 2018-06-10 : 16:38

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Anonymous No. 28333 2018-06-10 : 16:49

'Five-Star-Movement' is an anti-establishment party?…… I thought it was a boy band

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