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Australia – Sydney Snapchat Sex Cop Sentenced

A police officer in Sydney escaped jail time after being found guilty of filming sex with a coworker without her consent. Timothy Michael Patterson secretly filmed a colleague while they were having sex and shared it with other officers. Patterson's home-made sex tape was posted in an online group called "No Snitches".

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The disgraced former officer was sentenced at Downing Centre Local Court on Friday. Patterson tried in vain to avoid the waiting cameras after his sentencing by changing his clothes, wearing sunglasses, and pretending to be on his phone. The 28-year-old Patterson was found guilty of filming a consensual sexual encounter with an off-duty officer without her knowledge at a hotel in Sydney in 2017.

Two of the videos from the sexual encounter was shared in the Snapchat group called "No Snitches" and were viewed by at least eight other officers. Patterson argued that the woman was aware of his filming the encounter but did not consent to him sharing the videos online and then bragging to other officers about the encounter.

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"As juvenile as it was I did it to boast to the guys I was having sex and they weren’t," Patterson said in court. Magistrate Clare Farnan was not amused by Patterson's antics and found him guilty of filming the woman in a private act without her consent and using a media sharing service to menace, harass or offend. Farnan put Patterson on a two-year good behavior bond and sentenced him to nine months in jail.

She also called his actions "demeaning" and "appalling" but ultimately allowed Patterson to serve his sentence in the community with an intensive corrections order. "These offenses are offenses which in my view the community needs to recognize as being extremely harmful to both the community and to the victim generally," Farnan said. Patterson was suspended and his employment is being reviewed.

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