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Chris Hardwick, #MeToo's Latest Victim Just Lost Everything Over Nothing

Before I begin, let me say this very clearly. I am NOT defending Chris Hardwick, nor am I attacking Chloe Dykstra. The reason I am writing this is to address a problem with our culture that no one is talking about. When people compare the #MeToo movement to a witch hunt it seems to be a rather cliche description, but when you take an objective look at the situation you will see there are striking similarities.

Much like in May 1693, anyone can be accused of "sexual assault" and the accusation alone is enough to get them ostracized, fired, and all other forms of punishment including jail. Witches didn't have to be proven guilty once they were accused, they had to prove they WEREN'T witches, often while they were being drowned, hung, or boiled alive. Let's take Chris Hardwick for example. Yesterday, his ex-girlfriend Chloe Dykstra made a post on about an unspecified person. But before Chloe writes the story, she prefaces it with "Trigger warning: If abuse, sexual assault, or anorexia makes you uncomfortable, you might want to avoid this one."

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Dykstra goes on to describe being with a high-level CEO of a company and how he was very specific and demanding. Have you ever seen 50 Shades of Grey? She basically described Christian Grey, the controlling billionaire protagonist played by Jamie Dornan. As I read through Dykstra's story, I searched for the "abuse and sexual assault" that she warned of at the beginning of the article. Soon, I found myself at the bottom of the page and yet no instance of physical assault, or sexual abuse, or even a single slap was mentioned.

In fact, what Dykstra describes is pretty much an average relationship, albeit a shitty one, with an over-controlling alpha male personality She could have left this relationship at anytime yet she chose to stay? So right away, Dykstra condemn's Hardwick and in the SJWs' minds, the trigger warning is all they need to know that Hardwick is a misogynist, rapist, scumbag. Even though nothing of the sort was actually claimed by Dykstra. So not only was Hardwick not named at any point in the story, but the story contains no actual crimes or sexual abuse like Dykstra's trigger warning indicated.

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But never mind the facts, a trigger warning and a headline is all the SJW's need to in order to condemn Hardwick and ruin his life. Within 24 hours of the story being posted, Hardwick's OWN company disowned him and scrubbed any mention of him from their website, he lost all Comic-Con emcee gigs, and he was fired from his AMC TV show. Over what? Some story online with no actual allegations of any crime that doesn't even name him?

This is a problem, just look at the stories like that of Aziz Ansari. And if you don't understand that, maybe you will understand it in a different light. This works both ways, its rare at the moment but women have also been accused of sexual assault in the #MeToo women have had also had their lives destroyed without due process. Just remember, you might be the next victim of the witch hunt, mob mentality the SJW culture cultivated by the left and liberal universities has created. Bad relationship decisions have become life sentences for people who haven't even been proved to be guilty.

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Dawn Ford No. 28897 2018-06-17 : 02:08

Mitch Pain I'm still waiting for your response.

Anonymous No. 28915 2018-06-17 : 05:26

Easy, stay away from Liberal-indoctrinated women and dykes

Anonymous No. 28917 2018-06-17 : 05:59

If you get into a relationship with a woman, you can be destroyed with simple allegations. Yet (((they))) want to criminalize sex robots.

N No. 28918 2018-06-17 : 06:45

Fuck you, you misogynistic cretin. She has witnesses, video, documents and more.

Anonymous No. 28928 2018-06-17 : 08:19

MeToo was real and acceptable in the beginning.

Today it has become another tool of the Feminists and Me-Has-Been's seeking attention and/or promoting an agenda.

Lady Sr Citizen No. 29261 2018-06-20 : 22:59

I agree, Chloe did not state treatment that was abusive or considered assault, yet Chris Hardwick's career has been torn away. No police report, no trial, no jury.

Schermann No. 29411 2018-06-22 : 20:41

Sue for wrongful dismissal.

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