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"Trumping" Germany's Violent Crime Deniers

Germany has criminalized denying the violent crimes committed against the Jews in the Holocaust, yet when it comes to contemporary crime in Germany denial is rampant. Several media outlets including the Washington Post and Spiegel Online <a href="">massively criticized Trump</a> for saying that violent crime is on the rise in Germany and it is largely attributed to the refugee crisis, and yes, it is a crisis. It is a crisis because even <a href="">German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been forced to admit</a> there are entire portions of Germany where not even police will set foot which has been designated "nogo" zones due to refugee violence. So how can the German government even get an accurate portrait of the crime statistics when "nogo" zones exist within the country?

Despite the lawless "nogo" zones, the <a href="">German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs commissioned a report</a> on increased violent crime in the country between 2014 and 2016. The report found that 92.1 percent of this increase was attributable to refugees. The report also says that refugees are much more likely to be suspects corresponding to their share of the population. Die Welt reported the study examined violent crime in the Lower Saxony region and the results of that study showed that there was an increase of 10.4 percent from 2014 to 2016. So when media outlets call Trump a liar for his tweets about rising crime and its correlation to refugees in Germany, the simple fact is they are wrong.

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The German government's own research found the rise in violent crime and if the government is reporting <a href="">a rise of 10.4 percent,</a> the actual number is likely much higher when you factor in unreported crimes in "nogo" zones. So why is the current policy denial when it comes to violent crime in a country which has criminalized denial of violent crime? Well, the people who are anti-Trump are looking for anyway possible to discredit Trump regardless of the facts and if that means denying violent crime just to try to make out the leader of the Free world into a liar then that is what they are willing to do and it really shows how hard his opponents are straining to find ammunition to use against him.

So while the majority of media outlets reporting on this topic are conveniently ignoring the German government's own findings, Trump's claim is vindicated by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. So how has there become such a large disconnect between the truth, and what the media outlets are reporting? Well, in my mind, this is just the result of liberal and Democratic institutions looking for any possible way to undermine Trump's presidency. When showing a decapitated head of President Trump or calling his mouth a "cock holster" becomes standard practice then it lowers the standard to include denying violent crime in one of the only places in the world that have criminalized the denial of violent crime. It just goes to show how outrageous the all-out-war against the Trump administration has become, particularity in the media which has adopted an "if Trump says it then we must attack it at all costs and on all fronts" stance.

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It is remarkably dangerous to deny the situation in Germany and it is dire. To put the situation in context, the migrant situation is so out of control in Germany that they outnumber the government themselves and the proof of that took place last month when German police attempted to deport a single migrant. The German officials were immediately surrounded by a swarm of 200 "mostly African" refugees who used force to free the migrant being deported from police custody. That is called "lynching" in America and it is a felony to remove a person from police custody. So the situation is out of control in Germany, they are literally no longer able to enforce their laws and so how safe do you think German's legal citizens feel? To downplay or undermine an attempt to call attention to this fact is quite literally deadly.

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Other countries such as France are facing refugee crisis of their own which was highlighted by a video from last New Years showing an angry mob of refugees beating a policewoman and her partner. So I ask, why are all these media outlets in America so eager to discredit Trump they are willing to ignore the very real, and rapidly accelerating refugee crisis in Europe? Well, if it doesn't fit their narrative they won't cover it or they will find a way to twist the truth. And people wonder why there has been a rapid decline in cable news viewership and trust in general when it comes to the American media machine.

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not you No. 29269 2018-06-21 : 04:21

the holocaust is a lie. watch David Cole's excellent videos on the subject. btw: David is a jew….. you don't need laws protecting the truth….

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